Would love some feedback on my blog. Visual, content, anything you can think of to pick apart :) Be brutal! I can take it ;) This is my first time putting my writing into blogging format so I'm not sure if I'm going about it in a way that is going to obtain readers or spark any conversation. Let me know what you think and give me your opinion.





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Ok just had a look and here's what I think (though feel free to ignore as it's just my opinion):

- I like the content. Each post is a good length, not too long or verbose, just honest.

- I did however find it a bit hard to read due to the white on the not-entirely-black background. It strained my eyes a bit. Maybe try bold, or bigger font if you want to keep the background and text colour.

- Also I'm not a fan of centre-alignment. But that could just be me. It makes me think of poems from school.

- Lastly I'd maybe consider jazzing up (do people even say that phrase anymore?) the title header. Also, although I think it's funny that the caption says the website is misspelled, shouldn't it be 'nobody's perfect' instead of 'nobodys'? Unless it's on purpose as a joke, which I just took ages to get. Because that would be funny.

Ok that's it. Overall I like your blog though and would be interested to read more :D

Thanks SO much for the feedback! And I totally missed that typo in 'nobodys perfect'...that's staying that way. Haha and if anyone asks, I did it on purpose! I'll change the font to be a little more reader friendly as well as try moving my font over and see how I like that.  What do you mean by jazzing (I use that word and many other most likely out of date phrases) up the title header? I might need to look into a blogger tutorial for that. I wasn't sure if I would be going over board. Any suggestions on what to do with it??

Thanks :)

Well for the header maybe just a different font, or you could make something with pictures etc. I got someone to do mine for me - this is the person who did it: http://likeabirdblog.com/design/ (and on that page she's got mine as an example down the bottom too)

Hope that helps :)

Take this as you will - it's my opinion, and we all have different tastes. 

-I'd get rid of the blue on the sides. It's a little distracting. 

- I'm not a huge fan of the background - it makes my eyes work way too hard. 

- Also, I stopped by your site earlier, read it, liked what you had to say... but then had no way to follow you because your GFC thing was nowhere to be found. Yeah, yeah... GFC is obsolete now, but lame-os like me still use it. 

- Your font is kind of hard to read, but I think that just goes back to the background issues. 

- And I agree with the other person about maybe jazzing up your header a little bit. 

Thank you for the feedback! Just one question and this is my technically challenged side showing...what is GFC? And how do I make it visible on blogger?

Oh, sorry! GFC is google friend connect. you can make it visible by going to your design tab. It's one of the Gadgets you can add. :)

First the background is kinda busy. With the photo background, then the solid color blue; its not ideal for me. I generally dont like black background sites with light colored type.  Also I don't get the very first post about hating blogging - uh. what? that is a weird turnoff to not continue reading. But after that the latest posts seem funny and cute, also normal. Lastly I'd not center justify your posts. 

Yes definitely thinking of switching up the background...maybe make the sand dollar phot part of the header to jazz that up a bit. We shall see...Thanks for the feedback!

OK, since I tend to quickly decide whether to read a blog or not, here's my two cents (for what it's worth): I like that the posts are short and sweet. Your voice is authentic.

What I'm not sure about is the dark color scheme and the sand dollar image in the background. I like the image, but it's hard to read the text with it in the background like that. Maybe if you switched it to your header, it'll be more readable. The dark background/white text is also a little difficult to read.

I do love the title, though. One more suggestion: move the "this is me" section so it's above the subscription and archive stuff. People like to know who the blogger is. :)

Hope that was helpful.

Thank you! Very helpful. Now to figure out how to switch it around ;) One reason I like blogging, gives my brain a computer workout!

OK- took all ideas into consideration and have redone my page! Let me know what you think :)


Thanks for the feedback!

I like it. Only suggestion - maybe change the dark gray color of the tag line because it's dark/hard to read. Looks good though :)


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