I participated in a meme in which I was asked 11 questions and one of them was "who was your first celebrity crush?"




Hellooooooo Dean Cain.


In addition to now having an extensive collection of pictures of Dean Cain in the 90's, I am also curious:


Who was your first celebrity crush?

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I wasn't THAT obsessed with him...Or MAYBE I WAS

I don't know if we can count this as a celebrity crush or not, but when I was a child, I was SUPER obsessed with Fran Drescher of The Nanny.


Lois Lane on that Superman show was really hot too. I also liked Troi and Yar from Star Trek.  But another big one was Jennifer Grey. And how could no girls say Patrick Swayze?

Prince William, circa Saint Andrews student. Mmm. 


This, I agree!

I have to throw Leo in the ring. I had the hots for him too.

Not going to lie ... still kind of got the hots for him. 

oh God me too! Still hot.

he's a better actor than I've been willing to admit most of the time, given his Titanic success. ;)

Yup. That was mine too. Leo FTW.

Oddly enough, I wasn't one of those girls who found Leonard DiCaprio attractive during his "Romeo and Juliet" and "Titanic" days. (Oh, the flak I got from my high school girl friends who gushed over the guy...)

I did, however start respecting him more as an actor after "The Beach". Generally speaking from his filmography, he is an incredible actor. I find that he's aged really well (add to that his talent and all the causes he supports), so I find him rather sexy now.

I think my first ever crush was pretty typical. I loved Jonathon Taylor Thomas,but I don't think I really knew what a crush was then, it was just who me and my girlfriends always obsessed over. But I think my first real crushes were Nick Carter (gringe) and Leonardo Dicrapio. I died over Titanic.


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