So my friend sends me this video of a girl getting naked in front of a class to win a high school election.  In the video she literally strips all the way down to nothing. It's 2 minutes long after the music starts. Nobody stops her after she starts taking off anything, she goes all the way and nobody stops her until she's completely naked. 

It says this was a high school class.  It makes you wonder, what's the difference between something like this happening in America, and something like this happening in Norway. 

Is being naked in public different in European culture than it is in America?  And why?

Edited:  The girl being 19 was false information.  She could've been any age.

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it IS different in Europe. In America, Nudity is still synonimous with sex. In France( for example), they have anatomy books for pre-school children that shows penises and vaginas and explain things clearly and they grow up knowing about their bodies, and others' bodies, and the dirty and naughty labels just don't get applied to naked bodies in the same way.
I know this because I lived there for a while and spent a lot of time with some very liberal (by American standards) families.
That being said, I'm sure that girl is getting in a world of trouble because of this whole thing...
Why would a 19 year-old girl be in high school? And if she is a deadbeat flunkie, why is she in a class election?
I have no idea. So you think it's a good thing? That Europe is more open to nudity than America?
Generally, yeah. The kids there that I knew didn't have silly nicknames for their genitals. They call them what they are. So from the get go, they are just more mature about it and make better decisions. Not nearly the same amount of STDS and pregnancies in High School...
There's more STDs in America? That seems impossible. I read somewhere that most women in Europe lose their virginity by like age 13 or something.
well, thats excepting the UK. They're almost as bad as America.
And what age are they losing their virginity in the states?? It's probably not as old as everybody likes to think...

EDIT - I just checked more recent stats, apparently the STD rates are similar, but not pregnancies
are there more pregnancies in the UK?
almost. i think.
Did she win?
let's just say she did
Looks like she's figured out the basic strategy early on.

Don't know if its a good thing or not. In what regard? Morality? Or lack of modesty?
I think it just is what it is.
I'm kind of on the fence about whether a lack of modesty is a good or bad idea.
She'd have my vote.


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