Hello good day.. I am just wondering, if an existing member goes out of the age range (20-29) what will happen to his/her membership? will it be revoked?

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wow.. a creative answer :)

Thanks for your reply though

I wish this had a like button.

Any mentions of a 30SB and you, too, get flogged... along with the aged person.

We must pretend we never heard of you. After all, you're old. The mountain is to the left, granny.

Someone had asked this question a few months back, and the site creators said that they had a 30SB in the works. I haven't heard anything firm on that, though.

Hello AeinoSante, to answer your question, any member that turns 30 is welcomed to stay. There is not existing rule that says that we kicked members out that once they hit the big 30.

Kelvin, you never let us have fun.

Also, there are a ton of these threads with hilarious answers!

Pfftt.. I'm not that bad Lily. I was simply answering the question. I can't write humorous things like others. tsk, tsk.

Kelvin. The responsible one. <3

They DO need to start the 30sb, though! We can't be in our 20's forever!

I plan to be in my 20's forever! I don't know how believable it will be after a while though...

I plan on being in my 20's for about 20 years.

What happens to your blog after 30?  What happens to life after 30?!  Who knows.  I'd say at that point, all bets are off.  

I've been 30 for 8 months now and still post on here.  Until the 30sb is up, I'm here to stay.

If it makes anyone feel better, I look like I'm still in my 20s.  :)


Welcome to 20SB!






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