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So yea I've been a member of 20SB for a while, however lately my blog posts seem to happen once or twice every month, shame on me! But I been recently thinking how cool it would be to start doing a vidcast (its a podcast, but with video) anyways the idea only just came to me, so I haven't quite thought of how often they would happen, I would imagine they would cover/talk about posts which I have blogged about and such... also the potential to have guest bloggers to join in from other blogs would be amazing as a great way to network with other bloggers. the things your able to do on google hangouts really amazes me (check this out: http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts/ )

Anyway I was wondering if anyone is interested in this sort of stuff, would watch or would participate?

Also if you are already doing this please, please let us know below what your experiences have been, what you use, and whether you find it fun and useful =)

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I know that several bloggers have a vlog outside of their blogs. Although I'm not a regular watcher, I love tuning in from time to time because it offers a different experience than just reading text on a page. That said, I think content plays a key. If you have interesting and engaging talking points, then I don't see why this couldn't be successful.

Good luck!

Personally I'm not a fan of vlogs.  I won't watch them, even if bloggers I love do them occasionally I skip that post about 99.9% of the time.  Like the previous commenter said, it's a completely different experience and just not what I look for.

Fair enough :)

I'm toying with experimenting with this kind of content. A couple weeks ago in a fit of boredom, I convinced a random Twitter friend stranger to hop on Google+ Hangout with me and we answered a bunch of questions from one of those here's five questions to answer link-up type things. The result was here: http://www.authenticexperience.org/2012/11/coffee-talk-with-nikkian...

I seemed to get some decent feedback from doing it, and I'm considering doing more... both with that particular guy and maybe with others.

Ironically, though... I'm not a huge fan of watching these sorts of thing.


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