So the Girls and I over at Snark and Sex are going to do be doing a series of posts about how we met/first dates with our significant others and we'd love guest posts. If you have a great first date story with your sweetie or a ridiculous way you met, we want to hear it! You can email me at for more information or to submit a story.

Now I've had some pretty terrible first dates. My current boyfriend asked if I wanted to go fool around in his room. Another did the classic non-date date where he pretended it was just two people meeting for drinks and then spent the entire night on his iphone. Then there was always my stage-five clinger who was planning our wedding during our date (I kid... only just a little).

So whose got a great first date story?

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Mine involves me almost making an ass of myself. It's pretty epic.

I also want to point out that we need this for Valentine's Day, so get on the ball, people! (Haha. "Ball.")

A dude took me paintballing to "show off".

I gave him lovely welts to show off.

My last first 'date' was on the train we met on. We had the second in a train station because it seemed fitting. And because we live more than two hours apart, which is why it didn't end up working out.

We met when I ran him over. I wrote a blog about it a few years back. It's been interesting the past 3 and a half years. We were watching a movie a couple weeks back where the lady hit a guy and then started flirting with him, and my man turns to me and goes " So I guess the way to get a boyfriend or girlfriend these days is to not hit ON them, but to just hit them......" He's so goofy.

Here's the story:

This is amazing. If i am ever single again I am trying this method.

Mhm, I can talk about pretty crappy one, I went on a date with a guy and all he talked about was how he doesn't read or watch movies but all he does is read or watch movies about working out. He talked for TWO hours about how buff he's become. It was awful.

I went on a date with a guy who texted the entire time we were together... he didn't want to talk about anything, was glued to his phone. We met at a bar... and he didn't even buy me a drink, wouldn't let me buy him one, and then after about a half an hour he was like "well.... my friend downtown is too drunk to drive home so I'm going to go pick him up...." and he was gone. I thought girls and their phones were bad!

I had a date that went EXACTLY like this. He also made me pay for my half of the meal. Clearly, all your wedding invitations are in the mail.

My current bf is much better, although he's a texting addict as well. This really is the technology age, I guess.


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