Which December-time greeting do you use? Why? And how do you feel about people who use a different greeting than you do?

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Happy holidays. I'm not going to shit on anybody's preferred nomenclature, but I prefer to include everyone.

Why get all huffy and puffy?

I agree completely.

I agree

Completely agree!

Happy holidays but I'm not Christian so merry Christmas wouldnt really make sense...

Happy Holidays just because I've been conditioned to use it just in case, but I've never really cared either way.  However, people who are proponents of the martyrdom circus that is "The War On Christmas" deserve a douglas fir enema.  The Daily Show actually sums up my feelings about the whole thing pretty well:



I can't view it because I'm not the US. Do you know the date of the show so I can look it up on the Canadian streaming site?

December 6th 2010

I remember this epi, so rich.  Gotta love Fox News for getting to the bottom of the issues that really matter.  Happy Holidays everyone!

I prefer Happy Holidays in general. If I know someone is Christian and celebrates it I say Merry Christmas if I think of it. I don't see a big deal about it either way, and don't understand why people who are secure in their faith
care. It is after all a holiday season, which in this country begins  for most at Thanksgiving and ends at New Years day. Technically it is nothing more than a huge consumer nightmare in this country anyway. I think Tim's video of the Daily Show says it well.

I don't feel this strongly about it, but I thought I'd post something I came across today.


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