Every time I try to comment on a blogger blog with my wordpress account, it always says it can not validate my identity or something. Am I the only one who has been having difficulty with this matter?

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I have too! I started using Name/URL and it became much easier. You'd think they'd fix that glitch though..

That is what I did too.

I've been having more problems with it lately (why I don't like blogger among other reasons). It'll tell me my Open ID credentials can not be verified. Sometimes if I hit the button saying that I want to comment a couple of times again it will eventually go through. Sometimes it doesn't and I give up. 

I wonder what is going. Last week I did not have the problem. I just noticed it has been acting up these past couple of days.

Yeah, it makes me wonder too. Maybe it needs a software update or something? 

I've always used the name/url option but I know that the comment system on blogger got an update within the last few days so if you've just noticed it since then that's probably what's causing it. I have no idea if there's a way to contact blogger and let them know of problems/glitches but it might help them fix it if they aren't aware of the problem :)

Yeah, OpenID has been having issues lately. What I did was take my Blogger profile and set it so it links to my G+ profile or use Name/URL. Here's how you do the blogger profile switch if you'd like to do that.

I've always used name/URL. I'm not a big fan of OpenID.


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