Aloha!  I'm new to 20SB and wanted to say hi! My name is Mary and I'm from the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  I started blogging about a year and a half ago and I love it. 


At the moment, I work full-time, but soon I will be starting graduate school, which I'm excited about.  I'll also be heading overseas to indonesia for the summer.  I can't wait!  


I'm a simply, happy-go-lucky girl who loves photography, the outdoors, travel, writing, eating, cooking, reading, and the list goes on.  I try my best to make the most of life and like to look at life as an adventure.


It's nice to meet all of you! I know I'll enjoy reading your posts and I hope to share stories with you too. Have a great day!





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hello and welcome to 20sb!! I hope you enjoy this little community of bloggers :)

Thank you! I really do enjoy it so far! It's my first time being a part of 20SB and there's so much I already love and can relate to. I work with people twice my age, so it's nice to come here to see all that I can completely understand. It's refreshing.
Aloha to you! Glad to know you're having fun here. Have you met any fellow Hawaiians yet? I'm not sure how many of you are here actually, but yay at least I found one = )
Hello! I think it's just you and me so far! I added the Hawaii group and there were 5 people, so I'm sure there are a couple more out there. hehehe Nice to meet you!
Keep searching! =p
Hello Mary! Welcome to 20sb. Hope you'll have fun interacting with other members.
Thanks! I love it so far and it's great interacting with everyone. =)


Welcome to 20SB!

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