I'm Lauren. Just wanted to say hello, I'm new, pleased to meet you all!  

I'm a Marylander that lives in Louisiana currently for veterinary school, and my new years resolution this year was to start a blog. 

Here it is: http://iwetmyplants.blogspot.com/

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Hi Lauren and welcome to 20SB, we are glad to have you here! My name is Joey and I'm one of your Community Managers here on the site. If you have any questions hit us up on Twitter, @20SB, or myself, @itismejoey. Be sure to get involved in the forums and our different projects and events. You can also introduce yourself on our main thread, "Introduce Yourself (Part 4)." Happy blogging!

Hi Lauren!

Welcome :) 

I enjoyed reading your blog. Especially the recipe for stuffed peppers. Looks super yummy :) 



Welcome to 20sb!  It's such a great place to meet new people, get a few laughs, and have your opinion heard!  I love joining in on discussion pages, or asking the group questions, since I usually get some great feedback! 


Going to check out your blog now!



just checked out your blog, and i'm dying over your stuffed peppers! 

welcome to the community! :)


a sowing season.

Hey Lauren! I'm a medical student, so I completely understand how all-consuming school can be. I also had a resolution to blog at least once a week! I'll make sure to check back (:



Lol @ Meghan B. - my resolution is also to blog at least once a week, but we will see how long that lasts!  I just started my clinical rotations, so I know things will be getting hectic really fast!

Everyone else, thanks so much for the warm welcome!


Welcome to 20SB!






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