I recently started dating someone (after 25 years of being a 'no relationship' girl) and I'm debating whether I have to tell him about my blog. It's a kind of racy, intensely personal blog, detailing my sexcapades, relationship woes, and life craziness over the past 3 years. I *love* my blog and want to continue being incredibly honest on it, but wonder at what point in my relationship I need to spill the beans and let my boyfriend know it exists. Curious what everyone's experience with this has been. I also wrote a post about it and would love to hear what others have to say.



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I was already with my fiance when I started my blog, and I told him about it right away, and he supports me, but he doesn't read it. He isn't a "computer" type person and is never online anyway, but I told him I am honest on my blog and there might be posts about him, and he is okay with that (as long as I make him look good)

My s/o (at the time, we're now split) was jealous when I started blogging because he'd been talking about starting one and I actually did it. He reads it still, we are friends... but as for my new love interests (I'm doing the internet dating thing) I sort of don't tell them the url or anything I just note that I have one. If they ask I tell more, but since I talk about most of them in it I'm not really in a hurry to have them read it on a regular basis. Especially since I do mean "them". I think that hiding it is a bad thing, but if you don't want him to read it just let him know you've got it and that it's pretty personal and you're not sure if you're ready to share that with him. I'm pretty sure no guy will be mad if you ask them not to read something.

yeah, i think that makes the most sense. that way i'm not really hiding anything, i'm just telling him i'm not comfortable with him reading it just yet. who knows, maybe one day i will be!

I came right out and told my boyfriend when we first started dating. In part, though, it's because everything links to my facebook, and it's pretty generic and not too racy -- after all, my best reader is probably my mom.

I do, however, have a super secret blog where I talk about him and boys from my past and kind of explore where I am now. I've told him flat out that it exists -- and even though he's definitely interested, he understands that I tend to be kind of a private person when it comes to that stuff, and he doesn't ask any questions. I think it's about being up front about everything and going from there.

Some blogs are like diaries... it doesn't matter if a stranger reads it because they have no connection to your world. But, obviously you’re not going to write your personal dairy and hand it over to someone you know will have reactions to what they read, possibly about themselves.

The guy I'm with now has asked me about my blog, but I'm kind of shy about it. As far as I know, he hasn't found it yet. I wouldn't mind if he did, though. There's nothing bad written in my blog, I just get weirded out knowing that people I know in real life know what I'm doing on the internet. And I don't like discussing things I do on the internet in person. I used to have a LiveJournal that a bunch of my friends read and whenever someone would bring up a post to me that I wrote, I would get kind of weirded out. Basically, if he finds it I don't mind but I don't think I'll tell him where it is out of the blue. I don't know, I'm weird I guess!

yeah, i actually just had an ex confront me about the blog today, which i think is a warning for me to talk to my current boyfriend about it. because the ex was fairly pissed, even though i don't think he read it. it was just the existence of it that made him mad and the potential that what i wrote about him was 1-sided. telling him it was anonymous doesn't seem to have helped either...

I had a blog on sexcapades and such and my boyfriend, when I told him, got really angry and made me shut it down. That, of course, could be because of where I live and that I might get a bad name. (I'm also an actor and he didn't want that to affect my work) But I still wish I had the blog and sometimes get angry with him. Just think of the consequences if you tell him and if you don't tell him. 

Well, I just checked out your blog and I loved it. Follower! ANd please don't so anything that might make you stop blogging like I did. :-D 

Thanks so much! I'm sorry that you had to take your blog down! It's hard not having an outlet

HA!  I actually just started dating someone and told them that they were happy to read it, I wouldn't be offended if he didn't, but it is a weird glimpse into my life.  But I figured, he should or would find these things out eventually.  At least I put a humorous spin on my 'quirks.'  I say tell him, and if up and leaves, he would have eventually.  Just sayin...



I started my blog during a relationship so he was aware of it and read it regularly...


I'm in a newish 'relationship' now and he also knew my blog before we started seeing eachother... Blogs are seriously personal though.. It would be great/ideal to get at a comfort level with eachother where you can share it but I know it may not always happen off the bat.


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