A BJ a Day Keeps the Whores at Bay Part I

So, I know this title sounds a bit vulgar, but I am an East Coast girl so I tend to tell it like it is. Let me be clear, the following information is assuming that you are in a healthy committed relationship where you both love each other and want to work to keep it that way.

Okay, back to the good stuff.

If you want to keep your man happy, satisfied, and faithful, just give him daily blowjobs. Seriously, this works. Consider this scenario--you give your man a blowjob before he goes to work, he gets off, he feels great, he thinks his girlfriend is great, his sexual needs are satisifed so he avoids succumbing to other sexual thoughts every 7 seconds. Hence... he focuses more on his work and less on outside distractions (co-worker that flirts with him, cute waitress at lunch, hot chic that crosses the street while he is driving) and more on your relationship.

It is a simple solution for people who aim to:
A. keep their relationship sexually exciting
B. keep their significant other focused on them sexually
C. keep their significant other satisfied and happy
D. avoid the sexual staleness that often occurs in long term relationships

If you can accomplish those three things, you are closer to being in a healthy happy relationship whereby both parties trust each other and want to be together.
Don't get me wrong though... This BJ a day rule goes both ways...tune into next post.

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I agree with this. 


sex - of any kind - does not equal loyalty or happiness.  It does help though, and should be a part of most healthy relationships.

I think it's all well and good if all else is equal, but it's not going to keep two extremely intellectually diverse individuals together and it's not likely to keep people with dichotomous ideologies together either. There is  more to a long term relationship than sex. You can have sex with anyone, a long term relationship...not so much.

I imagine you can keep any male around short term with a blow job every morning, but how long would that last, and if you can keep a guy around solely with a blow job in the morning how stupid can he be and would you really want someone so simple?
Your diverse vocabulary is very aurally and visually appealing, I feel very intellectual reading your responses out loud Cooper. Oh, and good points too :P.

Um this is awkward, I was complimenting cooper up there ^^. Sorrryyyyy


I had a feeling that might be the case-- as soon as I sent it haha! No worries. Cooper writes well too.

I can see the point here. I would have absolutely no problem doing this for my guy every day (I don't know about in the morning because I'm SO not a morning person) but I would totally be will to do this. I actually really LIKE to do so. My view on oral sex though is that if he's not willing to reciprocate, I'm not going to go there. 


I agree with what a lot of the comments have stated. I think if you're in a happy, committed relationship, the sex is just an extra reason why it's awesome. That would be why I would do it for the guy. Not because I would worry he'd leave or sleep around with some other girl if I didn't. I would probably feel a little more secure knowing that I give him what he needs, but I'd do it because it's fun and I love him. 

I completely agree with all of this--couldn't have said it better!
Thanks! I'm glad you agree!
But what if the significant other is really BAD at blowjobs? Then doesn't it detract from the experience?
Casey - I think you have asked the REAL question in this thread...

Thanks for all the responses. I agree with all of the comments regarding having balance in a relationship, doing more things than just sexual stuff (cuddling, watching t.v. etc.), and also the factor based on a guy cheating if they don't get a blow job. I am in a healthy, long term relationship and I have am completely secure in the relationship. I am not worried he is going to cheat at all--the title was more tongue in cheek. However, we have discussed our sexual relationship a lot and what works and what doesn't and I really do think that adding this aspect on a daily basis helps keep everyone happy. He also makes it really easy on me, so it doesn't take a lot of time out of my day. Anyway, I am adding the follow up post to this. Let me know what you think.


Actually, just refer to what Katie said...


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