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I'm also fairly new to blogging in such a public/community way as this, and I was wondering what peoples' opinions were for answering the question of - How many posts does a blog make? Which I can translate into my basic question of - how many posts do people generally have on their blog before they start getting more followers and amping up interest?

For example: most people will come across a new blog with 2 posts and most likely not immediately jump to become a follower or subscribe. Therefore, how many posts do YOU think it takes, from experience or just opinion, to create a solid amount of content to cause people to believe that you have a worthy blog to follow.

Personally, I've been trying to blog at least everyday, and I have around 10 posts or so, so far (definitely, not much). And I know more people are looking, but I'm wondering around how many posts should I have for people to be a little more convinced this is a legit blog compared to others that have years worth of content?

Any tips, thoughts, advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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Time doesn't really matter to me.  If the content is interesting, I'll read it.  The best way to make people think you have a worthy blog is to focus on content and actually create something worth reading.

Also, it's not just about what you put out on your blog.  Really interact with other bloggers- leave comments (not "Hey I'm stopping by & please follow me" but something that shows you're really paying attention to what they're writing), participate in blog swaps/follows, guest blog, etc etc.  Make your presence known within the blog community.

I will say the number of posts a week is debatable.  There have been several discussions about this- a lot of people in one conversation said that they shoot for 3 posts a week (which is what I aim for).  I personally will not follow a blog that posts every day- it tends to be a quantity over quality thing for me.  However, another person on here said she unfollows blogs that don't post every day. 

My advice is- you can't please everyone, so do what YOU are comfortable with and let your style draw in readers who share common interests/styles.  That will lead to you having readers who will be more involved versus just numbers who aren't really paying attention to your content.

Thanks for the advice. This really helps! Overall, for me, I think it's sometimes hard to not get caught up in wanting to please others, and so it really helps to try to keep this in mind going forward. This is similar to what I know is true for "regular" offline advice - being one's self and letting things that are supposed to fit and flow happen how they will.

Thanks again, this is really helpful. :) To each their own, and everyone will be different, so just be myself!

I don't go by how many posts. I usually can tell when someone has just started out so if they have interesting posts I'll follow. Start commenting on a lot of other blogs and keep up with regular posting and it will happen. Most importantly HAVE FUN!

Such simple advice, but so important! Starting this blogging stuff has been slightly frazzling and confusing, but your advice is definitely very important. Thanks so much, I definitely need to keep this in mind, as this should be what it's all about. Thanks!

It's definitely more about quality than quantity. People tend not to go go back and read old blog posts once they find a blog they like so the amount you have posted isn't that important. Getting people to discover your blog is the hardest part. Maintaining that audience requires consistent posts with consistent content.

Thanks! A definite theme I've noticed is the quality aspect of blogging that's highlighted by everyone here, makes total sense. Though this now makes me wonder about what most people might consider quality content... hrmm. And you're right, so far, it seems that finding places where people can "discover" my blog is difficult!

Thanks again. I really appreciate the comment! Every bit of advice/experience is really helpful.

"You should at least aim for 3 or more post a week"


How do you figure?

I know plenty of successful blogs with large followings that post only once a week, sometimes once a month, sometimes only a few times a year. Like you said, it's always quality over quantity when it comes to blog posts. 

The important thing to remember here is that all of this advice is subjective.  Some people care about pictures, some don't.  Some people care about length, some don't.  Some care about how often you post, some are willing to take it whenever it comes.

I think one of the biggest things to figure out first is- what do you want out of your blog?  Is it a business? Do you want it to be a place to connect with other people?  Do you just want it to be a place to document what's going on in your life right now?  All of these are viable approaches (or any combination of them). Figure that out, and then ask for advice on how to make that happen (and ask specific bloggers if there's someone who's style you really admire). 

And if you aren't sure yet- that's okay too.  Unless you have a specific purpose (such as trying to start a business, etc) there's no time line or rush to figure everything out.

I think that even though there is no set number of posts per week, being consistent while you are building your fan base is key. I found that for me that meant posting twice a week, on a schedule so that any readers coming in knew that they could find a bright and shiny new post every Monday and Thursday on my blog. That is just a tip and not a hard and fast rule.

I totally agree with Brittany here... don't try and give people what they want, make your blog what you want it to be and the rest will follow. And if you want to get followers, go out and comment on peoples blogs...especially ones with similar interests as you... most people will come back and check out the blogs of those people who comment and if you do it often you'll gain good followers this way (as in people who will read/comment/car about your blog)

As it is, just enjoy yourself! and welcome to blogging!

I think the only reservation I'd have with getting invested in a "new" blog is that I know a lot of people *think* blogging is for them and either get bored, get busy, or just decide it's not worth it. So I'd want to make sure that the blogger is serious in keeping up with their blog. But number of posts doesn't really matter. I just want to see some dedication.

Don't worry about how many posts you make in a week or the ratio of written content to photos. Do what works for YOU. People will appreciate a blogger who makes 2 really good, interesting posts a month over someone who blogs 3-4 times a week but doesn't have anything to say. Don't blog just to blog. Blog because you want to say something, comment on something, show your readers something, engage with people, etc. Don't just be like, "Well, I only had one post this week, so I guess I need to go and find something to blog about." That's not the right attitude to have.

And don't cater your blog to other people. If you're a genuine blogger and you have an interesting voice, people will get that. It might take a little while to gain a significant readership (I've been blogging for over a year and I have regular readers, but not a LOT of readers), but people who relate to you or find you interesting, or who have similar interests as you will catch on. But be yourself. Don't be who you think readers want you to be. 


Welcome to 20SB!






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