I'm planning on writing a story following 5 friends as they try not to be the last to have their first kiss, but I'm not sure how old to make them. I was 15 when I had my first kiss, with most of my friends being a similar age (only a year or two younger/older) when they had theirs, but from other teen books I feel that this is unusual.

So, how old were you lot?

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I was sixteen, it was awkward and weird. I wish I could take it back. :/



weeeellllllll, i kissed people in spin the bottle and truth or dare before that.

22. At the time, it was great. But he turned out to be a jerk, and I so wish I had held onto it longer.


I tell him so quite plainly in my blog post for today.


Between the Lines

I was 12. And it was horrible and awkward and I hate that my first kiss happened that way.


I didn't kiss anybody again until I was 16. That "first" was a lot better.

i was 12 too. and i regret it. it grosses me out just thinking of who i kissed. ew.

Oh, and I think you and your friends are pretty typical and/or believable for your story. If you set your story in high school, I think you'll hit the right note.
Thank you, that's what I hoped!

16. I actually remember this being a thing with my best friend and I because she's 8 months younger but hers happened 6 months after mine, thus she was technically younger when she had hers.

spin the bottle doesn't count, right?


because i swear i played spin the bottle when i was like, 2

I have never actually played spin the bottle or seven minutes in heaven or any other game designed to force people to kiss people they don't want to kiss.


I think I missed out on a real rite of passage in my youth...

I never played any of those either...but I'm okay with missing that rite of passage. Lol.


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