I have a self hosted wordpress blog, and have trouble commenting on Blogger blogs. When I comment, I would like my picture to show up and my name serve as a link to my website, like the other commenters, however...

As far as I can tell, the wordpress profile option is only for wordpress.com users.

The open ID profile option doesn't work. Every time I try to use it, I get a message that says "Credentials could not be verified."

I've been using the google account profile, but it appears that I have to have a blogger blog in order for it to link my info to my name and show a picture, so when I use that profile I just end up being anonymous. 
Can anyone help me with this? Am I doing something wrong? I would love to know how to comment on Blogger blogs!


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Well you can manually enter your URL or you can create a blogger profile. Use your gmail account and sign up for blogger. You don't have to create an actual blog. Then upload a picture and set your website. When you comment on blogger sites with your blogger profile people can click on it and then go to your site.

Blogger doesn't use the gravatar service which you're accustomed to with wordpress.

Here is mine: http://www.blogger.com/profile/17073380804324018112

I don't have blogger but I made a profile and people can click on my website from my profile.
Thanks! I'm going to try this.
Ok, I created the profile and it worked! Still not ideal because it doesn't take the reader directly to my website, but this seems like the best way to work with what Blogger offers.

Thanks Anthony!
I've had the same problem :/
On some blogs you can choose "name/url" and it will show up as just that - your name linked to your url.
But not everyone have that, on several blogs I've come across they only have Google, Open ID, Blogger etc, but no name/url. I don't have a Blogger account so I don't know what preferences/settings you can use when creating a blog, but it seems like different blogs have different settings.
Ugh, this is one of the reasons I really don't like Blogger. I set up a profile as well for when I have to comment on Blogger blogs.
I hate this too. People who use use Blogger: Make sure you have a Name/ URL option in the comment section on your blog! Not being able to comment discourages me from returning.
Ok. Thanks for this feedback. I had no idea non-bloggers could have such a hard time commenting on us. I have been able to be very open with my comments (no moderating, ect), so my comments are already set to open.
Yes. We can change the settings.
To Blogspot bloggers, if you want to open up your comment options go to "settings" and "comments" from your dashboard. Choose "anyone" if you want that option.
You can also sign up for a blogger/blogspot account AND create a blog there. Then just edit the HTML of the blog and paste a redirect script into the header that just points to your real blog. This way when blogger users look at your profile they can click on your blog and be redirected to where it actually is. It is pretty effective, I used it when i migrated from blogger to wordpress.
My blog allows commenters to choose from various platforms from a drop-down, Wordpress being one of them. It's really only a URL but if the picture is what you're after, the profile seems like the way in.
This drives me nuts!! Some of them have the name/user option, but not all.
yeah i just noticed this issue too, a little frustrating you cant just type in your URL and email like other places, kind of silly


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