Can anyone instruct me on how to make a blog button? as far as how to code it so when you click on the picture it will take you to my blog/shop? Thank you in advance

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For the picture itself:

<a href="INSERT BLOG URL HERE"><img src="INSERT PIC URL HERE"/></a>

For the box that allows others to grab the code:

<form><textarea rows="10"cols="20"readonly="readonly"><a href="INSERT BLOG URL HERE" target="_blank"><img src="INSERT PIC URL HERE"/></a></textarea></form>

You can change the size of the box by changing the rows/columns (where the 10 & 20 are).

see thats the thing. how do i code the picture. i dont understand that part... where do i get the picture URL from?

PS. Thank you for the reply

I upload mine to  You upload the picture, and then it gives you different types of codes for different purposes.  For a blog button, you would use the DIRECT LINK code.  I'm sure there are other sites you could use also, that's just the one I've always used (plus it's free). 

Photobucket is a great option for blog images. It's helpful because you can use it for more than just creating a button. I used it to upload the images I created that link to my facebook, twitter, instagram, email, etc. on my blog. And, as Brittany mentioned, it's free.

thank you! i will try it this way

Yep, I use it for social media icons too.  It's super handy.

thank you

im trying to find the direct link code and i can not. where is this located on photo bucket? im logged in and have the picture selected..

In the bottom right corner of the page, you can see the different codes.  The Direct Link/URL one is the second code under Image Links.

And when you click on it, it will automatically copy for you.


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