Well I say a 'come-back'... I wasn't nearly popular enough to have gone away... but let it be known that I did... I had some grown up stuff to do but now.... here I am and I feel so totally out of the loop.

It is so hard to try and 'catch up' anyone got any good catch up tips? Or can I just start again? 

At least post your blog link so I can see what y'all have been up to in my absence.

Love Elle from Skylarking


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Leave it to me to be the first to reply... One of your biggest fans!

It's nice to see you back in action! Don't you worry about having to take a break, we all need a break sometimes... Feel free to share your stories of gettin' grown up stuff done (I'm sure we could all relate...) OR, just slide back into our news feeds like you never left at all... :)

You know where to find me... Doing the same old, living and Blogging about it once in a while... :)


You are just a bundle of cuteness... I am trying the sliding back technique... 

Oh and just so you know... I love the white-ness of your new blog design... looks so cool! Strong work. 


Whenever I take an extended break, I don't usually try to "catch up" per se...  I just sorta jump back in reading the folks whom I like to read, and if there are certain bloggers whom I usually hang on every word they say, I might take some extra time reading the backlog, but for the most part I just figure.... I'll read what's current and not worry about what I missed.

I agree with that.  If I'm really behind on reading the blogs of others, I'll read maybe the latest two or three posts just to see if there's anything major going on.  Be sure to comment so you can get your name out and show people that you're back, and maybe do a "Hey this is where I'm at now" post.  Other than that, I think ultimately the best thing you can do is get back to posting quality content fairly regularly as usual!

Yeah ladies, I think this is the best thing to do... just carry on as normal... thanks for replying... I have some fun procrastination sessions coming up :) xo

This is great advice. I don't worry about all those things I missed... it's too much pressure! I'm on a bit of a blogging hiatus myself, but I need to give myself a break. When I "come back" I'll just start from scratch reading my favorite bloggers.

I also took a bit of a hiatus but I'm trying to come and stay back! http://blogyoureabouttoread.blogspot.com/

I'm looking forward to having a little snoop around your blog :) xo

I don't know how to make a comeback.  If you do it successfully, let me know what you did right.  I also dropped off with no fanfare.  I think that's why I stopped.  I always said I wrote for me, but with practically no readers, very few comments, etc, it got old to advertise my blog everywhere I could and still get nothing.

I'm currently in the process of getting a new domain name, professional design services, and transferring all my posts over.  And I'm not going to start advertising my new site until it's ready.  Hopefully this time I can do it right.

Yeah that's hard isn't it, I think I took my break because blogging was becoming a full time job. I love the community but it's hard work to stay involved. I don't mind making the effort, but as soon as you have something else to do, like work for example, you haven't posted for a week and you are way behind and everyone has forgotten you exist. Good luck with your come back! x

I tried the "advertising" thing, and it didn't really work.  Personally I think it ultimately comes down to how well you reach out to other bloggers- comments, guest posting, etc etc.  It's more about making yourself visible than really trying to "sell" your blog, especially if you aren't going at it from a business standpoint. 

When I said 'advertising', I meant stuff like posting a link on Facebook pages and groups, on here in various groups and threads, etc.  Not actually paying for advertising.


Welcome to 20SB!






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