Well I say a 'come-back'... I wasn't nearly popular enough to have gone away... but let it be known that I did... I had some grown up stuff to do but now.... here I am and I feel so totally out of the loop.

It is so hard to try and 'catch up' anyone got any good catch up tips? Or can I just start again? 

At least post your blog link so I can see what y'all have been up to in my absence.

Love Elle from Skylarking


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honestly, like others have said,  i think it's best to just go at it. :) everything will fall back into place, and this community is still here!

i've joined since you left to do your grown-up stuff, but i'm katie at a sowing season. i'll make sure to head over and check you out!

I need help with this as well.  Recently, my blog traffic has dipped. I'm not sure why.  any help or ideas check my blog http://makeupbykim-porter.com/blog

Being completely honest, I wouldn't go to your blog based solely on your domain name.  I am just not interested in fashion/make over blogs.  It's usually a very specific niche and seems repetitive to me, so I don't even bother.

I've been gone forever, and also had to get a new blog. It took me forever to copy and paste everything to the new blog but had to because of a snafu with google and my account getting locked forever. So now I don't have any followers but still have most of the ones I was following. I also went through my whole list and found several that had deleted their blogs and had dead links, so I removed them.


Welcome to 20SB!






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