Anyone getting hit? I live in Philadelphia and we're going to start feeling it tonight until the end of Tuesday. I hope everyone will stay safe!


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Stay warm, cozy and dry! :)

We are said to get the tail end of Sandy... *Knock on wood* We'll probably just have some wind and rain...

Down in N. Wilmington, DE here.  So far just a spot of rain, but I'm thinking that it's going to get much worse tonight

Sandy my darlin', you hurt me real bad.

YES. I clicked this thread solely to post this:


These are amazing!

for real! LIKE REAL!

These just made my day!

I'm in central Maryland  and was supposed to fly out today for work, but no such luck. We are hammered with floods and rain, the winds are growing in intensity ...the powers is on, but that will change as supposedly the worst is yet to come.

how are you today??

Ugh...we have WATER coming into our house from the wall-to-wall kitchen windows. Like, we don't have enough towels! On the phone with my landlord!

P.S. The wind outside sounds scary. 6pm is when we're supposed to get in the thick of it and I'm scared.


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