Hello. I am looking for some new and interesting blogs to read. And by "Interesting" I mean: life blogs, or blogs that speak from a lifestyle perspective, not too into themed blogs, but if it is themed, but authentic and has splashes of interesting real-life in it, then it is definitely a possibility. I am not fond of cursing in any form so...yeah. I am following some blogs currently, but would like some new reads, to branch out a little more.


I like good  Video Blogs too! So if you know any good ones, please feel free to forward them to me.


If yours fits the bill, (basically: clean and sincerely interesting  and authentic) post a short short description and your link please!!



And of course, here is my blog if you are interested in checking it out: www.overwhelmingfullness.blogspot.com 

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Thanks, checking ;) !
Try mine! :) It might be interesting. A lot of it is on my life philosophy and discovereing yourself. :)

Thank you. Checked ;)
Hi, you might like mine, I have just joined 20something bloggers to reignite my blogging. Have only done a few and they were a fair while ago now, but I will be adding to them soon!
You can read mine

Oh wait I was supposed to describe it.
Lol. Thank you!
I'm a life/lifestyle blogger, venturing into public blogging after ten years doing it privately on livejournal. It's authentic and clean and you might like it.
I want a train study too! I want a study that isn't my desk at work!
Yes, that would be a start wouldn't it! hehe. I had a little nook in my bedroom but I'd love a study. (especially if it looked like this: http://annabelvita.com/dream-office-space)
Nice! I think I need something like a squirrel nest. I like to be cosy when I work. This does mean I run the risk of snoozing a little too regularly!
Thank youu Annabel :)


Welcome to 20SB!






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