Hello. I am looking for some new and interesting blogs to read. And by "Interesting" I mean: life blogs, or blogs that speak from a lifestyle perspective, not too into themed blogs, but if it is themed, but authentic and has splashes of interesting real-life in it, then it is definitely a possibility. I am not fond of cursing in any form so...yeah. I am following some blogs currently, but would like some new reads, to branch out a little more.


I like good  Video Blogs too! So if you know any good ones, please feel free to forward them to me.


If yours fits the bill, (basically: clean and sincerely interesting  and authentic) post a short short description and your link please!!



And of course, here is my blog if you are interested in checking it out: www.overwhelmingfullness.blogspot.com 

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Hello Annabel. I could not coment on your blog because I do not have a Twitter or Posterous account, but I must say, I think a train study would be cool. I would like rolling around in a cart m oving at at least a 100 miles per hour. Heehehehee.
Oh wow, thanks for pointing that out, I accidentally selected the wrong comment settings. I've made it all open now.
See you around!
Depends on what kind of lifestyle you're talking about, but mines' about being mixed race and a bit of a nomad.

Re: your last post:
# Is D.C. her last stop? Or does God have other plans so far as where she will be settling down? And if so, when will she find out?
You will never know :) That's how I see it! I will only settle down when I no longer have the strength to pick up a cardboard box full of my stuff.

Thanks ;)
Definitely hop over to Dry Humor Daily! I don't curse (at least that I can think of), mainly because I want anyone to be able to read my posts. My motto is to "think, laugh, and maybe even learn something."


Check out the Random Post Finder near the top and bottom of my page. It does all the poking around in the archives for you.


Dry Humor Daily
Thank you!
I write about my life. And things that are part of it. It is my escape, and a good place to see within. Come visit.
Will do.
ok, truth is there is some cursing scattered throughout the blog, its all meant to be funny though so hopefully you think so...thing is dating can do that to a person :) (i'm really an angel in real life...lol)

anyway, I write about the dates I go on...I keep it real, honest, thoughtful and people seem to really like it so far...

give it a whirl...at the very least you'll get a few laughs at all the idiots I've met

Thanks PYT.
I'm an aspiring musician/blogger, I guess you'd say. There aren't any video blogs yet, but there will be in the future. (Of course, music is coming soon too.) I don't curse so you wouldn't have to worry about that with me. ;) My blog is about life, and just what I think about. Feel free to stop by!

Hi Cassie, checking now ;)


Welcome to 20SB!

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