but they make me feel bad whenever I pass them, and that I hate. I can't give everyone money...I got student loans man.


Yesterday I saw a homeless woman just sitting on the corner up against a building, crying hysterically. Is it bad that the New Yorker in me thought it was highly possible that she was faking it just to get more money? Also, she was pretty hot. That usually isn't the case in homeless people, I find.

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I feel the same way sometimes.


Especially when I'm on the train, and every day I see the same guy with his name brand clothes and his Jordans telling me the same story about him and his girlfriend being kicked out of the house because she got pregnant. But, hey, I started seeing these two like back in March... it's now October, the girl is not pregnant.


So now when I see someone who MIGHT ACTUALLY BE homeless, I think that they are faking it.


Also, there was an article once in the paper here ... or maybe it was a news story, that followed these two "homeless" people... guess what, they weren't really homeless.


Sometimes, I hate the world we live in.

it is a bitter sweet feeling to see/encounter a homeless person.  i think all the "bad" homeless ppl have ruined it for the "good". and when i say "bad" i mean ppl who abuse the free things that they get. or they get picky or demanding when ppl do try to help them out.  I have tried to help some out and each time it has turned out to be a bad situation.  It is just hard to know what to do when you are put in that kind of situation. 





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