Let’s get one thing straight and clear right now. If you go up to a person with tattoos and you start talking to them like a televangelist nutcase about how they’ve possibly made the worst decision in their lifetime by getting permanent art on their body. You are harassing them.

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 I agree. People should mind their own business. 

Also, when I was in Montréal, I saw an awful lot of old people with tattoos on their arms, some of them were really really tacky but I learnt two things from that: 1) Wow the tattoo industry has evolved, tattoos look way better now. 2) They actually look cute in them...aw...oldies *sparkly eyes* they're lovely, tattooed or not. 

Saying you will still have the same preference at 99 is as shortsighted as getting a tattoo in the first place. 

I totally disagree on my behalf. If you don't believe you have the ability to give careful consideration (foresight) to a permanent decision like a tattoo, then you definitely should not be getting one. But to say a person who gets a tattoo has shortsightedness is completely impossible to judge, unless you ask that person yourself. My personal opinion on body art will remain positive no matter what age because that's something that I really enjoy. Regardless if you're for or against tattoos, it's still harassing to go up to a perfect stranger and tell them they've made a decision that you consider is in poor judgement.

Honestly, I don't think you'll like any part of your body at 99 as much as you do now. It's like tanning; you're gonna regret it when you hit like 40. You think you're insecure about your looks now, wait until you get older, when you actually have a reason to be. I'm starting to notice this on my own body already. My skin will look terrible in my 90s, and juvenile scribble that I thought was cool in my teens or 20s will make it worse, as it is nothing I can now relate to and I was a different person. Young people don't realize how shitty their bodies are gonna look eventually. They can't imagine not being young.

Tattoos are one of my pet peeves though and I flat out dislike them. I would never rant against a stranger that has them, but I will with friends and family. 

Tattoos can be removed though.

I disagree with the sentiment that all tattoos are "juvenile scribble" and that a tattoo will be "nothing [you] can now relate to and [you were] a different person."

I'm definitively getting one tattoo and possibly a second (depending on how well I handle the pain of the first), and they're both things that I know, 100%, without a doubt will still be true of me no matter what age I am.

The pain is really not as bad as people tell you. More annoying than anything.

That's you and your body. This whole response is how you would feel. You would regret it on your own body. You can't say that Kristin or myself will. You don't know us and how we feel about our tattoos and our bodies.

I think tattoos are for other people, not yourself. I mean, if I like Superman, I know I like Superman, but I get the tattoo so other people know it too. Tattoos are supposed to be expression. One doesn't express himself to himself, but to others. 

One of the reasons that tattoos used to be desirable is exactly because they made old fashioned, uptight people uncomfortable. But that was back in the old days, back when somebody with a tattoo had a story to tell. They were in the military, ex cons, bikers, lived on the streets, etc. they had seen the grittiest part of life. They were outcasts and their tattoos were proof of it. Now tattoos have become so common and sanitized to the point of them being impotent, and just lame. You should be happy you are able to even to piss anybody off with them anymore.

I didn't get my tattoo to piss someone off. I got it because I wanted to have art on my body. You're making assumptions as to why other people get tattoos.

I agree with Ginny that you're making assumptions. The two tattoos I'm planning on getting have nothing to do with letting other people know things. They're both reminders to me of things that I often forget are true about myself and so I want them tattooed as a visual reminder for me. If other people see it and comment on it, that's fine. But first and foremost, my (future) tattoos are to remind me of truth when it's hardest to remember it.

I bet you write down important dates and phone numbers in pen on the palm of your hand, or wrap a rubber band around your finger to remind you of something. Wait a minute, what century are we in?

You need a tattoo to remind you of what is important? Statements like that aren't doing you any favors and show clearly the shallowness of the phenomenon. If something is really worth remembering, do you really need to see it 24/7? Do you need an Obama sticker on your car, or a pro-life or Jesus bumper sticker to remind you of those things as well? Would you be lost without the tattoo?  I hope when my loved ones die I'll get a tattoo so I don't forget about them. If you need a gaudy reminder of something, maybe it isn't as important as you think it is.


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