Ok, everybody is all crazy about the number of followers even though half of them rarely read the blog and 1/4 actually comments.

I don't get it. What I want is reaction. I don't write my blog just to have loads of people following it and half-heartedly saying they 'really really love it'.

I want discussion, people saying what they think about my posts, sharing their experience or ideas. Is that so much? Then sorry... 

When I follow I read and comment...it seems as a common sense to me. :)

If you are anything like me, have a look at my blog and decide for yourself whether you like it or not and I will do the same :)

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yeah, padding numbers is meaningless compared to having real people read your blog because they like it. nice topic.
Glad you see it like this, guys. :) I don't feel so alone now, thanks.

Anyway, about the comments issue, I like provoking discussions ( just to see how and what people think). If nobody comments I feel like I have failed. But that's just me. :)
I totally agree. I look forward to reading your blog and hope you'll check mine out!

I starting blogging (other than livejournal) with this new year and I will admit, I used to care about the number of followers that I had. It was until I wrote (what I thought to be) my best post yet and not one person commented on it that I realized that I needed to obtain more readers than followers.

One thing I have learned from this site and and from viewing other blogs is that you need to be patient. The blogs that seem to have a large readership have been around for a while and also the blogger has had the time to develop their writing style and is able to clearly get their message across.

I hope that having my blog and being a member of this site will help me to become a better writer and make it easier for me to relate to a larger audience.

Its a work in process but here - Color Me Neurotic
You're totally right- it does take time. I've noticed that I'm getting more and more traffic from searches, and a lot of that just comes from the fact that I have written more. More words= more possible search term matches. Slowly, but surely, readership will follow good writing.
oh totally agree! when i first started I was obessed with how many followers i had but its true you really want readers, you just have to hope those followers actually read.
You now have a new follower AND reader!
I agree. I also write for an audience, not just to be added to someone's favorites list.

I see a comment below this one that we are a generation of skimmers. I saw a blog once that even said 'it's ok if you just look at my pictures and skip the text, I don't read everything either'.

I comment if I have something to say on the blog - I hope my readers do the same.
Ah-freaking- Men sister!


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