Post your link and a sentence about what you have to say! I am looking for some new reads!


Oh and here's mine =) Things I Love

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I love your blog! I write on my blog about my life in general. My puppy, husband, marriage, weight loss, trying to conceive, etc. 


Feel free to follow!


A paperless-pusher by day, blogger by early morning (on most days) 



My blog is mostly focused on my ups and downs in the world of romance (with some other random life stuff thrown in). Sometimes I get creative. Sometimes not so much. I'm 26 years old, but have just recently begun to sow my wild oats, so there's a lot of talk about me trying to have my fun but also find the one that I eventually want to settle down with. Check it out!  Wild Oats

My life, my baby, my rants, current events, etsy, etc. etc.

Love your blog! Am now a new follower!

I blog about relationships, simple pleasures in life, funny things that we all think about but never really explored, and quirky moments in my life. I also include lots of colorful, imaginative crafts! :)

My blog is about all of my drunken and embarrassing hookups. Not too dirty, but usually its pretty funny.


after the morning after

My best friend and I are crossing off our list of things we want to do before we die! Plus we just partook in the blog swap! We're fun, you should check us out!

wow thanks everyone! so many to choose from - i am working my way through this list and already following several of you!

-Maggie  I write about my life as an Expat in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It's kinda all over the place. I like to post music that I love and talk about my daily life as if it were funnier than in actuality. :)

My Voice From The Heart. Reflections on and Realizations from my past experiences. Inspiration from the lessons I learned from them.

Hope you drop by some time! Take care!!! :-)


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