There's this new "career" going on about being a full-time blogger. So you don't go to work like any, regular person next door. You work from home and all you do is blog whatever that comes to your mind. 


Would you like to be that person? 

If you were one, what kind of blog would you be the face behind? What would your blogging theme be and why? 



Personally, I wouldn't mind being one!! That way I can wake up whenever I want and do all sorts of things I love to do in life, yet still get paid. If I'd be a full-time blogger, my blog would speak about travel and food! <3

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I'd love to travel. Soak in the cultures, food and people everywhere I go and share them to everyone else. But I guess it's a huge huge dream!

I would still try to keep a regular schedule.  I think I might still want a part time job because I would miss the interaction with co-workers.


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