I always wondered what people would get out of buying merchandise that alluded to a particular blog. When perusing shops, what would you most likely buy?


Buttons? T-shirts? Bumper stickers? Bags?


I never wanted to spend more than 30.00 bucks on merch from a website unless the allusion was indirect and whatever it said made me laugh. Buying products that  are straight up advertising isn't my thing, unless it's a bumper sticker. The Bloggess merchandise is a perfect example of what I like to see in a shop.


What do you guys think?

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I'm a huge fan of Allie Brosh's merch.  She has some fab stuff featuring her best drawings.  In particular, the 'Clean all the things!' and 'Parp?' mugs.  In fact, I really should by some....


Yes, definitely on the novelty mugs train.  Also, if I had an iPhone, I'm sure I would buy a cover.  Just so everyone who was in the know would be all 'that blog is awesome, you have great taste' and then I would instantly be cool.  Oooh, and a satchel!  Yes, most certainly satchels.

God, I am a HUGE fan of Hyperbole and a Half. Thanks for reminding me!
She appears to have vanished for a few months, I'm hoping she's just working on her book!  Not even any tweets :(
I think it's for her book. I hope.
Hoodies are the first thing I start hunting because those are rarer than T-shirts. Also, I like hoodies.

Yes, Hyperbole & A Half merch is awesome, and I swear I want to spend a bazillionty dollars at her site. Also, Cakewrecks/Epbot does a decent job making cool/nerdy stuff that I want to buy. It's kinda cute on its own, but so much better if you are in on the joke.


I am demanding that the Snark Squad girls make good on their promises to make T-shirts. I will totally buy one. Or five.


Welcome to 20SB!






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