I've decided to start doing a little apartmenttherapy-esque Interior Design segment on my blog, where I feature other bloggers with beautiful homes that they've designed or decorated themselves. I'm going to be reaching out to a few bloggers myself, but I would also really love submissions from anyone and everyone! If you've got a great space, send me an email with a couple photos and a little paragraph about why you love the room/house/apartment/shelf/whatever, or what you did to create it. If I'm going to feature you, I may ask you for a few more photos or specific info about the design.

My only requirements are as follows: images must be at least 590px wide and be of good quality (not saying you need an SLR, but not a lousy blackberry camera, ya know?) I can also always color adjust/line things up properly in Photoshop, if you aren't able to do so before submitting. There is no maximum on the number of photos you can send over, but I'd like at least 3-5 good photos in order to post about your space! And of course, send me a link to your blog as well so that I can put that into the post too.

I'm pretty excited and I REALLY can't wait to see what people send along...I'll be happy even if I only get one submission but I'm hoping for hundreds ;)

Email me your spaces at excelsiorlady [AT] gmail [DOT] com!

Hanna [excelsior lady]

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