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A little about me: Hi. I'm Erini. I'm on the executive board for 20SB. I've been blogging since around 2000, and on my current site, AdorkableMe, for over 4 years now. I'm a writer and designer in Chicago. I travel/work for a 30+ piece circus punk rock marching band. I pay rent by running a school as their program director. I'm also a Nintendo Brand Ambassador.

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Hi everyone! My name is Jamie and I blog over at The Growing Up Diaries. I write about life and all that comes with it. I particularly love to write about the adventures and disasters that come with being a "grown up", owning a house and planning a wedding. I also write about my dog and my obsession with the 90s quite frequently. And I love making new blogging friends, so come on over and say hello! 


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