I know that there must be some other bloggers who are poor like me. I attempt to sell ad space on my blog, but nobody seems to buy it.  And I just opened up an Etsy shop selling handmade jewelry and need to get it more exposure.  Would anyone be interested in trading me ad space on their blog for putting my ad on their blog? No money involved, just an even trade.

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Awesome, I don't have many followers either but any little bit helps. I'll email you right now.

As much as I enjoyed our conversation on the chat, I'm going to be honest, and I hope you appreciate it.

The reason you're not selling ad space is because you only have less than 40 readers.  A lot of people try to sell ad space before their blog is ready, because they see it done on more prominent blogs.  I was thinking about it, but after I didn't get many hits after advertising on a fairly popular blog, I realized it's a marketing ploy.

Okay, now that being said, congrats on making jewelry for etsy.  I just realized how awesome etsy is when I went there looking for paintings of video game characters.  My wife is thinking of making jewelry, and I think etsy is a good place to do it.  Of course, most won't make TONS of money, but I think if a person just sells one thing on there, it's a success.

Alright, now, with all THAT being said, I would be interested in swapping ads.  I'm doing it with another blogger, and I get a few hits a month from it.  If you want to check out my site before you make a decision, just go here: DadToLibbs.com and leave a comment on there, or just reply here.

I'll be happy to swap ad spots!

Check out my blog: Girl With Curls

And if your interested email me :)

Clayton and Jess, I contacted both of you. Thanks.

I'd be interested in a button swap.

Check out my site and email me at trees_are_good13(at)yahoo.com if you're interested.

Woah! I just checked out your Etsy shop and I love your stuff! I'm pretty new to blogging, but I would love to feature your shop in a post (and broadcast that post to my facebook and twitter) and maybe ask you a couple questions to go with it?

Here is my blog: http://myborrowedheaven.blogspot.com/

Email me if you have any interest!


Thanks so much.  I would love to be featured in a post.  I couldn't find your email but mine is jaythejedi(at)live(dot)com.

sorry sorry!

mine is megatronnn27(at)gmail(dot)com just in case there is anyone else out there who has a shop or something they would like to promote!

Does anyone else want to swap ads with me?

I think I missed your link! If we have similar interests I'd love to swap with you! Here's mine http://www.sealedwithakay.com oh and my email is sealedwithakay(at)gmail(dot)com


We definitely have similar interests.  Just in your first couple of posts, I saw Sally Hansen Nail Effects strips and zombie bedding.  I think I have to follow your blog now. I'll email you my ad.

I'd be willing to button swap with a few people. My email is karief16@yahoo.com if you're interested. I don't want to clutter it up too much, though. Tops would be maybe five? Also, I'd be willing to do link swaps since they take up less space. 


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