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  Generally, I'm a life blogger.  I write about my life on a daily basis. However, this doesn't stop me from striving to present my life with quality writing, as opposed to basic, ragged 'dear diary,' crap.  I still have a respect for words, and more importantly- I respect other people's time, so if they stop to read my blog, I don't want to waste it.

  This has caused some people to say things such as "You're not a blogger, you're a writer," or "this feels more like a novel than someone's life."

   I follow a large number of blogs, but I personally find that the ones tend to follow most regularly are written by people who have a good sense of words, how to use them, how to make the point they were trying to make, and know what it is they are trying to say.

 How do you feel about this? Do you think there is a difference between bloggers and writers?

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Gina FTW!

I think this is one of those things that doesn't have a hard line. I'm a blogger- have been for 5+ years. I'm also a professional writer (as in I get paid to write content), but I would never write for work the way I write for my blog. If I didn't have my writing job, I don't know that I would still consider myself a "writer"; I would consider myself more of a "blogger," but that is an entirely personal decision based on how I view my writings. I also don't think blogger should have the negative connotation that it does. I don't think blogging so much makes you a writer, but that if you consider yourself a writer, than you are. I mean we are who we think we are.

Indeed! I love the visual. Ha!

This is why I should read the full thread before commenting. You said what I was trying to say in a far more understandable way!!

So I'm thinking about writing a blog post on this topic. Would anyone in this thread be opposed to me quoting their answers in the post?

Go for it. You can have the graphic, if it pertains to what you are writing about. (if not, that's cool too. No hard feelings)

My follow up post on this for anyone who may be interested. It does include a little bit of feedback from this thread as to what the difference between a blogger and a writer may be.

It's a tough question. Not all writers are bloggers and not all bloggers are writers. I mean, I've read some pretty godawful books - so bad that I've actually yelled "HOW DID THIS CRAP GET PUBLISHED?!" out loud. Similarly, I've read some pretty terrible blogs. You know, the ones that are all "And then I had pizza for lunch. And then my friend texted me. Lol."

But then you come across the quality blogs, like Jorah's, where you can't help but want to read more because it's so beautifully written. Between my blog and working as a museum curator, I've done a lot of writing. But I wouldn't really consider myself a writer. Jorah and a lot of other awesome 20SBers, on the other hand......

I consider myself purely a blogger. I can write well, I can tell a story with words, but I tend not to do that on my public blog. Maybe it's because of most of the other blogs I read, but my blog is more froth than actual substance a lot of the time. My private blog, on the other hand? I consider myself to be a writer there, because I write with more emotion and narrative.

As Gina said, some bloggers may be writers, and some writers can be bloggers, but not all bloggers are writers. In fact, I'd say about 60% of the blogs I follow are written by bloggers and not writers. They may be writers in other aspects of their life, but their blog is too 'light' and superficial for me to see them as anything but a blogger.

Yes there is.  Bloggers are just wordsmiths who are smart enough to refuse the mantle of "writer".



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