Are there any conspiracy theorists out there? From The Illuminati to Area 51, there have always been conspiracy theories and suspected cover-ups by government and other organisations.


What's your favourite conspiracy theory? Do you buy it? What do you think is really going on "out there"?

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No, I can't stand conspiracy theories and have spent many hours of my life arguing with conspiracy theorists.  None of them are true.  911, JFK, etc.. none of them. 

To be fair, the Manhattan Project, The Tuskegee Experiment, just to name a couple, were first said to be conspiracy theories.  

The Roman Catholic Church conspired to protect their reputation, money, and property over, the lives and dignity of children abused by their pedophile priests. When it first came out that was a conspiracy theory to many too.

For me it depends on if you are speaking Ron Hubbard or Aliens took me to their spaceship crazy, or theories about the lies of covert government or institutional cover-ups, because as we know from history much speculation on things such as Watergate and the like are touted as theories and then proven to be true.

Wrong.  It takes known events and attributes to them an alternate explanation from what is commonly accepted.  Usually after all the evidence has come out and the matter is considered settled by most sane people.  Conspiracy theories only arise after the case is considered closed.  They deny the official explanation/conclusion.  That is when everything starts.  When the conspiracy ball starts rolling.  It needs the official story to nudge it into action, or else it can't know what it is fighting against/what premise it is supposed to be picking apart.  Conspiracy theorists ALWAYS go against the official explanation.  They have to wait for the explanation first.  The official explanations of the priest scandals are the priests molested people and there was a cover up. And by "official" I don't mean by the people being accused, but by mainstream society and media in general.

There is a difference between a conspiracy and conspiracy theory.  You are listing conspiracies, not conspiracy theories.  "Conspiracy" is a very broad term that can apply to many things, including some friends and I planning a trip to the beach.   People plotting something bad and being secretive about it is not a conspiracy theory. 


conspiracy theory noun

: a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators
In your face, bro.
"used almost exclusively to refer to any fringe theory which explains a historical or current event as the result of a secret plot by conspirators of almost superhuman power and cunning"
The thing is, the reason people buy into conspiracy theories is because there have actually been real conspiracies in the past. So how can you say that you absolutely know for a fact that none of them are true?

All of us committed many conspiracies today.  A conspiracy isn't a conspiracy theory.  911 was a conspiracy by 19 Muslims.  Saying the government imploded the towers to push Jewish interests is a conspiracy THEORY.

Give me a specific conspiracy theory, and I'll tell you why it isn't true.

I like a bit of conspiracy theories.  Haven't really decided if any of them are true or not, but it's fun to think about, plus good idea material for short stories.

Here's one I find particularly creepy/interesting:

Yeah, it wasn't a fake.  Mythbusters already solved that one.  

Or, maybe not...

(pretty sure whoever posted this is some tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy nut though)

This is funny because the Russians had the technology to know whether communications were actually coming where they were supposed to be coming from during the Apollo missions, and monitored the whole thing closely.  Yet they never questioned the greatest accomplishment of their enemy and greatest rival.  But any time you prove a conspiracy nut wrong, they just add another layer to the conspiracy.  "Well, the USSR and the US weren't actually at odds, but controlled by the same powerful boogeymen behind the scenes.  The Cold War wasn't real."
Most conspiracy theories are far-fetched. Like the whole government cover-up theory of aliens at Area 51 is total BS. I know this for a fact. I was abducted by an alien and he told me they've never even been to New Mexico.


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