What happened to that thread about Disney buying Lucasfilm? It was interesting, even if I don't actually care about Star Wars.

Just got this in my work email and I meant to bump that thread with it:

J.J. Abrams To Direct New ‘Star Wars’ Movie For Disney

Thoughts/feelings from people who have thoughts/feelings on this subject?

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Could be worse...it could be Michael Bay

The apartment I had the longest in Paris was right next door to a laundromat, specifically, the dryers. One of these dryers was crazy loud and made this insane noise when it turned on that I could only accurately explain to people as sounding like the beginning of a Michael Bay trailer.


I can't hear/see his name without thinking of this:

What do I think of when I hear Michael Bay? This. (NSFW Audio).

The old thread disappeared after the blogger was outed as a plagiarist and deleted her account. WEIRD, HUH?

I'm pleased with this announcement. I was never a massive Star Wars fan, but JJ seems like a very fitting (if a little "safe") choice.

ETA: WOMP. That's a bummer because it was a great thread.

JJ seems like a very fitting (if a little "safe") choice

That was my thought when I saw the announcement.

I think who is writing it is more important. That was really the problem with last few; the shitty writing, especially the dialogue. No director could have saved those films. The acting was bad too. I'm not really impressed with Abrams' filmography. He also has a really bad show on TV right now, Revolution.  He should be serviceable in this role though and I think they have a good screenwriter. It should be better than the previous three. 

Because I'm actually twelve, I am curious about Michael Arndt because he wrote the screenplay for the next Hunger Games movie. I'm intrigued because this seems quite a bit different than Little Miss Sunshine or Toy Story 3, his other major credits, but those were both well written films, so I assume he's capable enough.

Michael Bay is to explosions as JJ Abrams is to lens flair.

I feel like I should care.  I mean, I love Star Wars, but I'm just sort of indifferent.  I think I'm numb from the prequels.  When they re-released the original trilogy on dvd a couple years ago (without all of the changes) I was satisfied (I couldn't watch my vhs tapes anymore).  I can now watch them how I remember them as a child.  The rest of this nonsense is just fluff, and does not give me butterflies like the original trilogy.

So... this may take away my Star Wars street cred, but all I have to say is "meh."

Heard about it. Could go either way. I really liked Lost. But I also really hated Lost. I haven't gotten into any of his other shows, but I'm being optimistic about it. 


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