You guys, I'm having blog post formatting woes.  I can't decide whether I should insert a jump break (you know, wherein a little "Read more" link appears that readers need to click to see the full post) or to just let the entire post hang out on the home page.

I like the idea of a jump break because it keeps the home page looking clean, since there are no mile-long posts that people have to scroll through.

On the other hand, I sometimes find it annoying to have to constantly go to different pages just to read the rest of a post.  And sometimes I just don't even realize people use jump breaks, and think "well, that's an odd place to end..."

So, do you use jump breaks?  Do you like/mind/hate/ABHOR jump breaks?


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I use jump breaks if they're necessary, I get kind of annoyed if they're for EVERY SINGLE POST.

This is my thought on the subject as well.

I hate jump breaks. I would guess that of all the jump breaks I see, I actually click through to read about 1% of them. And then I certainly don't go back to the main page to find another post to read, it's pretty much one-and-done.

Agreed. Make it easier for your readers to read your stuff. They will appreciate it. 

Negative on the jump break.

I don't care, I read most things on my reader and the jump breaks don't show.

Negative ghost rider. I mean if it's super lengthy post, then yeah go ahead. But I'm talking thousands of words or tons of pictures.

I have 5 or so posts on my first page all jump broken..if that is the term. If people are reading you they are reading you no matter what...if they aren't they aren't . That is my feeling. A huge number of people are reading via feeds, so none of that matters anyway.


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