So, I've never played this but I've seen it around on forums and from what I gather there are really no rules.


Basically, I am King(uh, queen) of the hill. The next person to post must think of a creative way to get me off the hill to then claim the hill and so on. You are only limited by your imagination.


For example (y'know, if I wanted to steal the hill from myself):


I present you with a coupon for 5 free nail polishes that must be used that day. You run off because you can never say no to nail polish. I am king of the hill.


Get creative or violent or totally non-sensical. Use what you know about the users or bloggers in general if you can. Do what you must to become king of the hill.


The hill is empty. There is no one around.


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I place zebra cakes at the bottom of the hill.  AND DONE.  I am now KING OF THE HILL



I hire someone to dress up as Peeta from the Hunger Games. He shows up at the bottom of the hill and starts throwing around bags of flour with his big ole baker arms. You distractedly inch closer and closer and I sneak up the hill from the other side and claim it for myself AS I EAT THE ZEBRA CAKES.



I take your sunnies off and throw them as far as I can. You shriek and cover your face to protect your anonymity, then stumble blindly down the hill, feeling in front of you for your sunglasses.



I play rugby. I tackle you, you fall down.




..but i give your sunnies back because theyre cool. hehe im going to start using that word now.

I was waiting for someone to introduce the violence. YES BLOOD.




hey this works for me since I get hot fake Peeta with his baker's arms.

I tell Harley there's a naked Rugby match going on "right over there you totally have to see it!"


I'm king of the hill (with fake Peeta)

I consider buying you a set of really nice art things to leave at the bottom of the hill but I decide that I am broke and that's too nice if I'm really trying to unseat a monarch. (That part was meant for Harley...) Unfortunately, I decide that I am unwilling to go through with actually tackling you off the hill.  Conveniently, I have a rope and a suddenly acquired skill for lasso-ing. I yank you off the hill and while you're getting yourself out of my big knot of contrivance, I become king of the hill.

I will bribe you with:

a) a first class return flight to the US for the weekend of..

b) Coachella 

c) with tickets

d) alcohol

e) Yvonne.


Well, shit.

I skip off the hill to claim my prize, making you king of the hill.

It's only so long until Coachella is over and you will start longing for the hill. Just you wait.


Welcome to 20SB!






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