Lack Of Care To Severely Wounded Warriors Often Results In Death - Help Spread Awareness


Many servicemembers are wounded at war, come home to live among us and die years after from lack of long term care. My husband was one of them. This is a topic that nobody wants to talk about. I am so thankful that David Wood was willing to take the time to give us a voice and to help spread awareness. This cannot continue happening and until people know about this, there will be no change.


This article is the third part of a ten part series. The fourth is out today. The entire series is incedibly important for every American to pay close attention to. These are very raw, very real, and finally the truth about this topic.


Please help by spreading this article in any way you can. Facebook it, twitter it, blog it. Help us by spreading this message.


My husband desevered better. They all do.


Thank you for your time.



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I rarely read Huff Po any longer save for a few columnists, but I'm glad you pointed out this series. This article is wonderful and much needed. I look forward to reading the whole series and will link to it and spread it around.

You are right Karie, they all deserve better.




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