I need some help ... I have been posting do it yourself gift ideas for guys in my blog this week and would like to add a twist and post on what women really want from their men for Valentine's Day. Just reply with a list of things you would really like.




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chocolate bacon and a sunflower. 

Flowers. Preferably tulips, but I'd be happy with anything (except carnations). Cliche, but it's really what I want! I've never gotten flowers for vday and this year I actually plan to buy them for myself so I'm not disappointed! 

Meh. Don't care. (Yeah I'm one of those despite being in a relationship) What I get every day is good enough for me on Valentine's Day = Love, trust, respect, and all that other stuff needed to make a relationship work. :)

same here. we never celebrate valentine's day. other people think it's so sad, and to me it's just "meh".

I want a gesture. Or anything that some thought was clearly put into. I wouldn't ever ask for or expect something expensive, just something that makes me go, "Aawwww!" because I know he spent some time thinking about it. One year for Valentine's Day, my boyfriend got me a dozen LIGHT-UP roses! Best. Gift. Ever. They glowed in alternating colored lights, and he told me they'd last longer than real roses, which was adorable.

Im working. So for my Valentines day i would really appreciate if my costumers just gave me lots of money. That would be swell.


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