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I love sharing interesting things I find online (I suppose that's part of nearly every blogger's DNA). I do enjoy reading other people's "web roundups" or lists of links when they are posted weekly too. 

I'm thinking of starting this on my own blog. First, I wanted some feedback: is this a feature you enjoy, or one you scroll by on a blog or in your rss reader? Do you like when bloggers stick to a particular topic (such as interesting things in the literary world), or do you enjoy their top five things they found interesting in any subject area?

And if all systems are go, I feel that I need a creative name. I've seen "Links I Love", "Web Roundup", etc., but I'm lukewarm on those. Do you have any fun ideas for these kinds of posts? What do you use on your blog, if this is a feature you employ?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I had a thought. My site's subtitle is "wine, hockey, books, vegetables". So I'm thinking of doing a five-some of links in each installment: wine-or-beer related, sports, literary, a recipe, and then a random bonus link.

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I like them on other blogs a lot! But some weeks I have a hard time making a good list and it becomes a chore to write one, while others it's a breeze. I do notice that traffic on those posts are low as well. I'm kind of unsure on their worth and entertainment factor myself. :\

Yeah, go for it! If the links aren't related, then it might make sense to share them as you find them and keep them in a sidebar (maybe managed with Delicious or some other bookmark service). If you go with a weekly post, then they should be related. Going with your site's subtitle for a post sounds like something that could tie the links together while still providing structure/relatedness.

Another option might be to write a post as you normally would but then hyperlink the crap out of it; I'm imagining a blog post version of Michael's Leanbacks on Vsauce.

So! I've thought about doign this, but never do because I feel like no one reads them. However, I've recently noticed that I always like them when other people do them---assuming they do them well. The best ones are personal (say what the blogger likes about the site) and have at least some pics that help format the post. Sounds simple, but a lot of people just post a list of links, and I rarely look through those. 

I've actually just started doing weekly link love posts on my own blog (this week will be the fourth one - if you want to check them out, they can be found here) and have really enjoyed doing it! I started them because I thought it would be a good way to give some love to interesting posts and/or some of my favorite bloggers. (I don't have a links page, so these link love posts are my trade-off.) I didn't think they would be popular at all, but so far they seem to be well-received! Several of my longtime readers have told me they look forward to my link love posts, which is always awesome to hear :) Since my blog covers a wide range of topics, I also link to a wide range of topics, which is something readers have mentioned they particularly like.

What I try to do is connect to why I like the post in particular with a sentence or two. As a reader, I always like knowing why the blogger picked that post in particular to link to. I find laundry lists of links are the ones I gloss over when browsing through blogs.


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