Well hello you lovely people :)

I just got accepted today and I'm loving that I have a full twenty-something audience right here to get comments from! I have a blog that's... let's be honest, a bit nerdy, a bit sarcastic and over-opinionated but hopefully a bit funny.

I'm trying to write a blog about the deal with Nineties kids and The Lion King. Because everyone loves The Lion King, right? 

I have my own theories, but what I want to ask is, what is it about it that makes you all tingly and happy, for you? Like is it a childhood thing, the music, etc??

If you don't/didn't like it, why not? (and what's wrong with you?)

Any comments are welcomed!!

Thank you so much darls xx 

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sorry, *a post

My whole blog isn't Lion King based although that would be awesome.

Best argument for gay adoption ever.

Oh lord, I'm a Lion King fanatic so hopefully this reply doesn't turn into a novel.

I adore the Lion King and I have from a young age, I think early on it was definitely about the music. I loved the songs, I loved how some of them were so cheery and you can't help dance around when you hear them. My cousin and I used to sing and dance a long to them, we had so much fun. As I got older, it became about the characters themselves, how quirky and cute they were; I love lions so obviously there's that attachment to the movie. Again as I got older and headed into my teen years, I loved the story line, I think I also started to realise the emotional side of it - so when Mufasa dies, my heart breaks and I feel a real pang of emotion in that part and so the story and emotion started to become a huge aspect of it.

When I was in my late teens I had a really good friend of mine, we bonded over the lion king, we talked about it for hours and made parodies of the songs to suit us and our lives. We gave each other nicknames which were based on the characters, we'd buy each other toys of the characters and even dvds. So then it took on even more meaning.

I don't know why but I also feel like it's a nostalgia thing, I - like one of the posters before me - lived in South Africa, I was born there and spent a great amount of time there and although the movie is Americanised and all that, it somehow manages to remind me of South Africa and give me a sense of pride for not only the country I'm from but the entire continent.

When I think of the 90's I definitely think of the music, I was one of those teenie bopper types who just loved the bubblegum pop music - the lion king music was definitely poppy (well some of the songs) and I mean every movie or tv show, I cant associate some sort of 90's song with it. It just seemed like (as a kid anyway) a really upbeat and happy time to be around. I realise that at 7 or 8, there were things in this world that I just wasn't aware of, but today 7 and 8 year olds are listening to songs the literally spell out sex or drugs or something, where as 90's music, even if it was about sex...you either couldn't tell or couldn't care because you were too busy jumping around annoying your parents.

Thanks for the replies everyone, @Kerri Blue I sort of meant why Nineties kids in particular seem to be fanatical about THe Lion King rather than why you love the Nineties, although I agree with everything you said the Nineties were amazing :D And thanks for your massive answer!

This is kind of something I'm working on for a future post cos Lion King makes me too happy - me and my sister watched it in 3D recently and almost cried in the opening credits - so sad of us!



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