I'm planning an overland trip from London to Brisbane early next year. 7 months covering about 30 countries. I'm still planning at the moment, so ideas/suggestions are most welcome. The basic plan is South of France> Italy> Greece> Turkey> Russia> Mongolia> China> SE Asia> Australia. 

Check my map out here

I'll be blogging my travels, so follow me if you are interested - www.kiwiscanfly.com

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Thanks Janet, I did know about seat 61, but not findacrew - I think that is going to be really helpful! Thanks so much :)
Just a quick note about SE Asia- I realise you're still planning this, but depending on the countries you want to go to; you might want to really research their public transportation. Not exactly the greatest thing around, I'd say- especially if you're on a tight schedule regarding number of days etc. The weather also makes a huge difference- living in the Philippines, I'd caution against getting on a boat from now until December. Transportation by air is often also disrupted this time of the year.

Good luck! It sounds super exciting! x
I'm doing this too, but the poor man's way of doing it.

I'm going with as little money as possible. Going to new zealand, and working at apple orchards, going to europe and working at bars and where ever i could find, going down to india and working on packing trucks. I'll pretty much be homeless, living in hostels, and farms. But that's what I'm doing.

maybe i'll catch up with you
I'll be gone for hopefully more than a year
That is awesome! What are your start/end points and basic route?

I'll probably see you in some random hostel in the depths of Eastern Europe - and it'll be like - "hey, your that guy!"

30 countries in 4 months? Good luck to you, but frankly this would be my worst nightmare. Whilst water falls, temples, beaches etc are beautiful to look at it's generally the people who make a place. Spending an average of 4 days per country seems like it's more about the stamps in the passport than it is about discovering these places. Also, certain countries require you having x amount of blank pages in your passport before they give you a visa.. just something to bare in mind.

I was sure I covered this? haha


This trip is about having a goal, an adventure, seeing if I can do it. Just travelling. Just me. No real plan. Not so much about water falls, temples and beaches. Trust me, I have enough stamps in my passport.


4 months - it is definitely possible. But I don't really have a time limit, I just plan to continue travelling until my bank balance says no more...

My newly adjusted time-line... 7 months!


I'm having to get visa's for about 6 countries so if anyone is travelling to Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia or China I can probably help you out with some useful information. I'll do a big write up on my blog about it at some stage.

Oh yeah, I failed :P

But I did go from London to Penang in Malaysia without flying. 270 days, 44,620kms, 905 hours in transit, all overland. Good times :)


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