Hey there.

I have a blog called Every -ist and Every -ism where I post mainly music-related content-- sometimes I'll veer off into other topics, like movies, pop culture and anecdotes from my bizarre childhood, but at the heart of it there's always music.

I listen to everything. Yeah, I also hate it when people say that, 'cause it sounds snotty and is often inaccurate, but really, I'll listen to any genre; from indie rock to classical to hip hop to hardcore to sugary pop to old-school country-- I'll give anything a fair shot. And I'm looking for other music blogs to expose me to artists I wouldn't otherwise know about, or even just to provide insight into old favorites. I love reading other people's thoughts on music.

So if you're a music blogger or just happen to write about music every once in a while or even have a passing interest in music that sometimes seeps into your blog, I want to read it. I'd also appreciate some feedback, as well; I'm always happy to hear what others have to say about my silly musings.

Elvis Costello once said "writing about music is like dancing about architecture". What he failed to consider was that some buildings have pretty rousing backbeats...

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Hey Jorge.

   While I don't write a 'music blog' really, I do blog daily, and link a song with every post.  I was a radio dj for a while in my previous life, I also wrote about music, and live in the Pacific Northwest, between Seattle and Portland. It's a hot spot for indie, and of course as you know, the home of grunge.

 I post some obscure stuff, but also some classic stuff.  If you're ever interested, you're welcome to pop  by. My tastes vary as well, from classic rock, to trip-hop, dubstep (kind of) indie, bluegrass, rockabilly, and sometimes even pop.

 <3 -J


That's awesome. I wish I had the dedication to blog daily, I have deep admiration for those who do. Looks like our tastes align more often than not-- I'm a big Sufjan fan, and that Blind Pilot song you posted is bad-ass. Thanks for your response! I'll follow your blog.

I'm actually personal friends with the members of Blind Pilot. Have known them since childhood, and am a little sad that since their band made NPR's 'best of' list, they haven't been available to on our annual camping trip for a few years now   But that said, they're great people, and I miss them.   (Is, Katie, Ryan, and Luke.)

 Because of where I live and where I grew up, it's like that with a few other bands. Know them, or rubbed shoulders with them, or have run in the same circles, even worked with a few of them. One of the reasons why I love where I live. there's a lot of passion and talent here.

Also, I've been dying to have this discussion with another music person... What do you think of Lana Del Rey? reviews aside, just personally, what do you think of her and her work?

That's awesome that you know the Blind Pilot peeps. Truth be told, I'm not terribly familiar with them. But I've really enjoyed what I've heard. Any recommendations?

About Lana del Rey: Well, I don't know. I found it kind of interesting that this lady I'd never heard of was suddenly EVERYWHERE. But I listened to her album and checked out her much-derided live performance on SNL.

The music on the album was mostly harmless, thoroughly lightweight, quick to the hook but with arrangements that were just sideways-quirky enough to get on "indie" and "alternative" playlists. It's pleasant, but inconsequential. She didn't wow me,  but I was not looking to be wowed, I was trying to figure out what it was about this girl that drew the ire of some of my more indignant brethren. And I found it skirting on the border of Tamesville, but far enough from the murky waters of Suckland.

Her SNL performance was fine. I don't think she did that horrible a job. She mostly sings like she sings in the record, and I think the over-the-top reaction was about her singing style and not about a particular performance. It was certainly not cringe-worthy, but people are quick to gang up on the new pop culture punching bag.

I don't know anything about her. Never read her interviews or anything. She's pretty, though.

I feel the same way about Lan del Rey. I Youtube'd her SNL performance (videogames) and put my screen down a little so I could just focus in on the music. I thought there were definitely some missteps in that performance. Constructive criticism is good, but I think the gang-mentality of shredding her SNL spot was over the top. I wanted to see if that performance was an aberration, so I listened to her sing Videogames on Letterman, and that rendition was far better than her SNL one. 

Music is a fairly frequent topic on my blog, though I don't post exclusively about it.... Though considering that the BF is starting a recording studio, I suspect it'll be creeping in more and more as time goes on. :)


You post some sick tunes. Thanks for that. Listening to Angus & Julia Stone right now. Awesome.

I try to be a curator of good taste when I can. :)

While I'm not primarily a music blog, but I do often post about my eclectic playlist. 

Awesome, that's exactly what I'm looking for. What are you into?



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