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I'm looking for 20 something bloggers to do guest posts for a new feature on my blog.  It will be something like, "My favorite recipe" exchange where I will feature your kitchen FAVES!  It will be a way to find delicious & easy recipes that can be helpful to young readers.  They can be gourmet or simple...because we all love the microwave :) If you are interested, shoot me an email at: twentygoingoneighty@hotmail.com! I'm looking forward to hearing from you


Also, if you would like to check out my blog to see what types of things I feature, check it out at: www.20goingon80.com :)

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Hey I'd love to take part! The tricky part is deciding on a recipe to to share...


Do come visit me at Why Hello,

I am so in to this, as long as vegetarian recipes are okay. ;)
OOo!   I know a few great recipes that I would love to share.  My cooking tastes are generally comfort foods, but I can cook those very well.

I'll be emailing you all!

Leelee Face: I don't have your email so if you can send me an email at twentygoingoneighty@hotmail.com I will email you more info!



There's an official "Looking for Guest Posters" thread, here. There's a fair number of posts up with people offering to guest post, and I hope that between there and here, you're able to find a few!

I'll be closing this discussion now. Thanks!


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