I am looking for some new blogs to read. My blog is abut the life of a single mom and her crafty adventures...Please check it out:)



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Hi there,

My name is Kate and my blog is about my adventures in London and beyond. A Southern Belle in London

Hello Aly! Mines is about baking sweet things and other random things in my life :)



I blog over at Chase All Your Dreams, a lifestyle blog about my adventures and life after college. 


I write things. I draw things. I observe things. I write things about the things I've drawn and observed. I also write things about other things. Because I'm multitasky-ish like that.

Chicken Scratch

"There's still so much more to do. I can't sit back and be complacent, and none of us should be."
~Elizabeth Taylor

I mostly blog about funny things that have happened to or near me. Although I often deviate from that subject and rant about other things.

Cassandra's Curse

I'm in the process of creating a blog for my facebook page. The page is mostly about the joys of parenthood (the comedic side anyway).

check it out! If you like the content, give it a "like" and share the page w/ your friends.



Welcome to 20SB!






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