I've done this twice before and it's resulted in me becoming quite close with a group of amazing people, so I'm hoping for the same results this time around! I'm Hanna and I blog about life and design and sometimes music. And sometimes X-files.

I'm looking for bloggers that will mesh well with me/my blog so we can become a big fat happy family of great post-producers. I'm looking for people that will inspire me on my less-creative days and motivate me to post even when my brain has shorted out. But even if you have nothing in common with me, I still wanna check you out (wink). I'll add you to my reader and hopefully it will be the start of a beautiful friendship :)

Send me links, ready set go!

[excelsior lady]

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I think you might already read mine. I read yours. I haven't been posting as much since getting a full time job, but I still post at least once a week. http://happeningsfromanundisclosedlocation.blogspot.com/

I do indeed, lady! 

Hi there! I switched over from my older blog recently and lost a whole bunch of readers (which wasn't too terrible, actually. I like starting fresh). Anyways. I'm a newlywed, planning a three-week long camping road trip/honeymoon with my new hubby, and I blog about not having a dishwasher, misguided craft projects and recipes, and figuring out this whole adulthood thing.


Come check out my stuff! (And I mean that in a completely non-sexual way. I just realized how creepy-guy-in-a-windowless-van that sounded.)

HAHA you didn't sound like a creep in a van at all! I've switched blogs/lost those followers before so I know how it goes...but at least the best readers stick around! I'll check you out (heh) right NOW :D

Hey Hanna, you can check out my blog if you want. I blog about movies and writing and life. This month I have been blogging about horror movies. You may like it, you may not... [In pursuit of expression]

Wow, look at this Hanna. A year after I posted this and WE'LL ACTUALLY HAVE MET!

I mostly blog about my life, living with my boyfriend, my love of Toronto and NYC, how uneventful I am at finding out 'what I want to do as an adult', and the odd baking thing here and there. Simply.Girly

Just checked yours out, so cute! I love the name of your blog, and I like your content! Definitely following via BlogLovin. You can check out mine www.yelleevents.com

You're in luck I have four blogs that you can check out if you're so inclined. 

Deliciously Happy

I Dress Like a Star

Aphrodite+Kidd's Closet

Dani Confessions

I'm always looking for new blogs. So many bloggers have quit blogging over the last couple of years!! Headed to your blog right now. Mine is at http://chaneljibal.com

..hello hanna, u might wanna check out my blogsite at dahildabawenyasicherry.blogspot.com

..i wanna have great friends on my site.

i am always wanting to add new members to my blogging family! :)

im rachel, i write a personal/lifestyle blog that touches on a little bit of everything. my life, my loves, food, tv, the odd stalking of a celeb... you get the jist!

come meet me at rachel emmilee, i am heading over to your blog now!


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