I've done this twice before and it's resulted in me becoming quite close with a group of amazing people, so I'm hoping for the same results this time around! I'm Hanna and I blog about life and design and sometimes music. And sometimes X-files.

I'm looking for bloggers that will mesh well with me/my blog so we can become a big fat happy family of great post-producers. I'm looking for people that will inspire me on my less-creative days and motivate me to post even when my brain has shorted out. But even if you have nothing in common with me, I still wanna check you out (wink). I'll add you to my reader and hopefully it will be the start of a beautiful friendship :)

Send me links, ready set go!

[excelsior lady]

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Here's my latest post if you're interested...

When the Stress Monster Attacks

Hey Hanna! I checked out your blog and read a few posts and I love it so far! Here's the link to my blog if you're interested: malloryloraine.blogspot.com

Hey Hanna, or anyone else reading this, my blog is Floral and Fauna and covers beauty and fashion! 


I blog over at Chase All Your Dreams.



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