Hey there, does anyone else out there write diet and fitness blogs? I would like to exchange "follows" with others with similar interests. My blog is primarily about diet and fitness, but it also covers topics like thrift shopping, motherhood and writing.


My blog can be found at www.boun-see.blogspot.com. Let's connect!

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My blog is mainly about music, but I am a runner and I like to share my experiences with fitness as well.  I am new to blogging, so I do not have many posts as of yet.  However, I have many fitness posts in the works!  I'm open to advice and would love to know what you think!  


Welcome to the blog world Natalie! You're off to a great start. Hopefully it becomes addicting, like those endorphins. I would say be careful with the size of your images. The photo of you doing a deadlift cuts off the info on your sidebar. Also, I'm not a fan of the red background, but that could be a matter of personal preference. I think black on white is the easiest to read and usually what I prefer to have up on my computer screen. I'd love to hear more about your fitness stories. I'm a fitness blogger too: www.boun-see.blogspot.com.

Thank you for your input - I have updated my blog so you should check it out.  My latest post is music related, but I have new fitness posts, as well.  I'd love to hear what you think now!

I started following you.  I love your posts!!  


Interesting layout! Looks like you put a lot of work into it. Much easier to read now. I am subscribed to yours as well, through email subscription. Looks like email and RSS are the only ways to subscribe, right? I can't wait to hear more about the marathon! Congrats on your progress so far.

My blog started off as being food and fitness based, but has sort of morphed in to a life blog about my job in a boarding school and how I try to fit my exercise etc in to my hectic schedule!

I'll check you out - come and say hello:)

I am subscribed to your blog via email. Thanks for checking mine out too. Looks like your trip will be exciting!

Hey my blog is a health fitness blog reguarding the foods I eat and my weightloss journey. Http://nothingstoppingme.wordpress.com

Sometimes I post about my health on my personal blog.

Hey Gabriella, I like how you say nothing is going to get in the way of meeting your goals, and how blogging and connecting with others will take you there. I agree! It's a great way to stay accountable and make the journey "public." I am now following your blog and would love if you'd "follow" mine as well to stay connected:)

You have some really great fitness resources that I'll have to spend more time browsing later! I've been blogging at my personal blog for over a year, but I recently started a fitness blog that focuses mostly on my journey with the Couch to 5k running program. It's been a slow start, but I'm really trying to do better to stick to a workout schedule and update the blog more frequently!

Hey Lauren, I am your second "follower". Woo hoo! Keep at the running, it will definitely get better in no time. And you might even become addicted. If you need any advice, feel free to email me. I've been a runner for years now, but believe me, to say I was a couch potato before that would have been an understatement too. Please come on over and give my blog a "follow" too. I'd like to keep in touch.

Hi! I just started a fitness blog to help me stay on track with eating healthy and going to the gym. :) You have such great stuff on your blog, I look forward to reading it! 

Mine is Color Me Fit

Tiffani, I love the color theme in your blog, so cool! I'm interested to see how your P90X journey turns out. That workout system has piqued my interest for awhile now. I've tried something similar called Supreme 90Day, and wow! What a butt kickin'. Good luck! Oh, and I didn't see anywhere to "follow" your blog. If you add a widget (or need help adding one), let me know and I'll follow it right away. I'd love it if you came over to mine to "follow" along as well.


Welcome to 20SB!






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