Hello everyone! I am the founder of ForeverTwentySomethings.com. After a year of blogging and a big increase in page views, I'm looking for ways to make money off of the blog. I get an average of 1,500 to 2,000 views a day and it's growing. Is that enough to make a decent amount of money off advertisements?

Right now my blog is hosted on Wordpress.com and I am using one of their free themes. I know in order to put advertisements on the site (and to copyright the content), I have to transfer the blog to Wordpress.org. I am willing to do this and purchase a theme... However, I do NOT know CSS and coding and do not want to lose all my content/mess up the site. Does anyone have any advice on this? I would be willing to pay someone to help me... Just not hundreds of dollars haha.

Finally, what other ways do you make money off of your blog? I would be willing to write posts to advertise products... I just don't know where to start. If anyone has ANY insight on any of my questions, please let me know!

Thanks in advance :)


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There are so many free themes out there, all customizable, no need to know css if you do not want to, and there are also a lot of themes that are fairly inexpensive and allow more professional looks. The versions of wordpress at this time are so advanced you really do not need to know anything - compared to when I switched.

You can try this (my host) for ten bucks the first year via my link, as you have your own domain already the transfer should be easy and the blog itself should be able to be transferred via wordpress's own export import function. I imported a blogger blog many years ago, and because of bloggers strangeness it only partially worked but transferring wordpress.com to dot org is usually flawless.

Adsense, donations, Clickbank, Commission junction and/or see if small businesses in your area would wanna pay a small monthly fee to have a banner on your site. Good luck with wordpress.


Quick tips:  Buy a url and hosting plan, install Wordpress, pick out a free theme, upload all of your .com posts to your url, put up a post on your .com to tell your readers to go to the new url. 

Once all of that is done, set up an adsense account, and copy/paste the adsense unit codes into widgets that can be displayed on the sidebar of your url -- you don't need to know CSS to do this. 

And if you get stuck, youtube and google has many helpful videos and how-to's, or you can call up your host provider.


I actually just recently switched from my blogger blog to a self-hosted wordpress. I wrote about it in my latest post as well if you want some guidance :)


I don't know html either but there are tons of free and paid themes out there. I personally ended up buying a theme since I wanted something really nice and professional looking. The one I bought is from DIY Themes...they're a bit expensive ($87) but SOOO worth it! 

I sell ad spots on my site for income, however small it may be but it all goes to my hobby fund so it's all good :P

But yea, there's so many ways to make money off your blog, you just gotta look for them. Paid posts, ad space, adsense, etc.

And like everyone says you don't need to know all the html/css business, and there are a lot of decent free themes out there for WP. I make my own, but I have used some beautiful free ones before. :) It's all about your taste and what you want it to do.

Hey Samantha,

When transferring all of your data I believe you need to back up your site. If I were you I would call the customer service department of whatever site you are hosting/going to host your site.(I personally use godaddy.com and have found them VERY helpful. They walk you through everything over the phone). I would try starting there to back up your site.

In regards to making money off of your site, I'm surprised you haven't already been hit up by companies wanting text link ads. I get a few of these from a website I haven't touched in almost a year. Maybe when you make the switch you will. Perhaps make your contact info a little easier for companies to get to you and you might have success in that area.

There are multiple ways to make money online. The easiest right away would probably be advertising. But in order to make more money I would suggest taking a look at affiliate advertising.

Once you've got the knack of affiliate advertising start making your OWN products to make the most money.

I actually wrote a blog post on this exact topic just this Monday. I also created a Youtube video on it, which is on the blog post. You can check it out if you want more details.- http://dainlewis.com/how-to-make-money-with-a-blog/

I can also help you if you have any more questions on making money online. Feel free to message me.



You have to be really slick to make money on wordpress dot com, as per the terms of use, you are really cornered about how to do so.  I have had them disable links and I wasn't even getting paid for them.

Bite the bullet and get a self-hosted blog. It is a lot of work, but you will have so much freedom.  Then you can choose whatever method(s) of making money you choose.

You don't need to contact customer support to back up your files.  From wp dot com dashboard, find the button that says "export"  and it will save a copy of your blog to your computer.  Once you get into your dot org dashboard, you can import.  I don't know a lot about self hosting a blog, but even I could figure out how to move blog posts.  Good luck!


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