Hey, y'all.

Next week, we're heading up to Vermont to go snowboarding and taking a couple extra days at the end to spend some time in Montreal. I've never been and he's only been once, at 19, and doesn't remember it because all he did was get drunk.. *rolls eyes*.

SO! If anyone has any suggestions of things to do, places we should definitely see, etc., that would be awesome! I think the only thing we've decided on is the Museum of Fine Arts, but we need some more! The more unique, the better!

And what about dining? Any suggestions for that, too! We <3 FOOD ;)

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Definitely go to MBrgr on Drummond between St.Cat's and Maisonneuve. SO DELICIOUS- BEST BURGERS IN THE WORLD.
Ok maybe not the world, but definitely best in Montreal.
I just check out their website & menu-- I AM SOLD. Haha. Thanks for the suggestion, I'm definitely writing that one down!
Beijing - best Chinese food EVER!!!
Cool! We love Chinese, too. *adds to my Google map* :D Thanks for the suggestion!
I wouldn't bother, its full of faux-french. The real ones are bad enough, but ones that aren't even real.. pah.

Well.. thanks for the positive response, Andy! :)

It's full of disappointment and fromage.

Way to be a total joykiller dude. Also- way to seriously generalize French-Canadians. You've obviously never been here.


Montreal's actually a really wonderful city, Heather, and I'm not saying that because it's my hometown. Yes, Montrealers are not REALLY French, but it's a different culture, and you'll be downtown, I'm sure- which is pretty much all Anglophone. You're going to have a really good time!

Beijing is really good. If you go west of Guy Concordia University, there's this place on St.Marc's and St.Catherine's called Soupes+Nouilles and it has even better Chinese food!

I'm not generalising, I've just heard its too dangerous to walk the streets at night... because French people throw garlic at you and lift their noses up.

Montreal is the biggest party city in Canada. People don't walk home til 3:00-4:00 in the morning. And even then, there are cops everywhere. And the garlic thing? It doesn't even make sense...

A bistro isn't a party. And there is only police around in case a French person trips and falls and cries. And they don't just throw garlic, they throw bread too. Baguettes to be specific.

Beautifully executed.


Welcome to 20SB!






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