Hey, y'all.

Next week, we're heading up to Vermont to go snowboarding and taking a couple extra days at the end to spend some time in Montreal. I've never been and he's only been once, at 19, and doesn't remember it because all he did was get drunk.. *rolls eyes*.

SO! If anyone has any suggestions of things to do, places we should definitely see, etc., that would be awesome! I think the only thing we've decided on is the Museum of Fine Arts, but we need some more! The more unique, the better!

And what about dining? Any suggestions for that, too! We <3 FOOD ;)

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I plan on visiting Montreal in the summer (in NYS, you can cross the border with an Enhanced Driver's License, which is a ton cheaper than a passport).


Are you planning on writing a recap/review of your visits to Canada, and Vermont?

If so, I look forward to seeing what you think is worth a visit!


Enjoy your trip :)

Yep, I definitely will! I've never been to Vermont OR Canada so I feel like a little kid on her way to Disneyworld for the first time, hahah. I just love travelling and seeing new places, it'll be a lot of fun.

I know how you feel! We drove from NY to South Carolina a few years ago, and I was so excited about every single thing, even when we were driving.

I can't wait to venture out even farther :)

I went the first week of August to Montreal (and Quebec City) last year. Definitely awesome time to go.
Hmm... I went in August so a lot of the things I did/saw were outdoorsy/hiking like Mont Royal and the Botanical Gardens. The Museum of Fine Arts was REALLY nice. I enjoyed it. The Quays were pretty cool to walk around and I enjoyed a lot of the old Montreal buildings. There was an AMAZING poutine place right by Notre Dame. It was a street or two behind it. Just a tiny little place. Olympic Park was touristy but I enjoyed it. Biosphere is kind of nerdy but I also enjoyed it. I did everything I possibly could (most of it touristy.) I spent... 3 days there I think before going off to Quebec. I hope you have a great time!
Yeah, I'm hoping the cold doesn't keep us from doing too much. I hear Old Montreal is really cool to look at and I definitely want to check out Notre Dame.

And I'm not ashamed to check out touristy stuff, it's still awesome to see anything different in a new place!

Then I'd suggest trying to see every little bit you can. :) I used tripadvisor to plan my daily activities out. I wanted to make sure I grouped them all together since the city is pretty large. I also went through the Labyrinth on the pier, which was kind of fun for a little while but I got so turned around that I befriended a family to help me get out. Haha. There's lots of fun/cool/different things to see. And maybe they have some winter-related activities/things to do and see.


You can walk around underground in the main newer bit of the city, which is kind of cool. I got lost in the underground mall/food court on my way out. I walked or too the subway thing around the whole time.

Go to Le Taj - best Indian food I've had in my life! I loove Montreal, wish I was going :(


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