Hello friends, 

As it is that wonderful month of Movember... (I am a major 'tache fan) I decided to host a giveaway/badge swap/pimp out to help draw awareness to men's health. 

I read a scary statistic that in the UK 47% of testicular cancer cases occur in men under 35 years, that is right in our age bracket and thought it should be a month were everyone is aware of the devastation caused by male cancer.

Testicular and prostate cancers are so common and a lot of the time, if caught early enough, it is completely treatable, so here's what I want YOU to do.

I want YOU to be the one to keep an eye on your guy's 'area', as I assume you know it well... giving him that little extra bit of attention is bound to not only make him happy, but perhaps a little more compliant about going to a doctor if you do notice something different. It could be YOU that saves his life.  

So hop over to my blog , there is a pretty button for you to take and a giveaway to enter... take a look at what I'm doing and hopefully join in! 

Thanks guys, Elle xo

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Good going, Elle. Great idea!

I do "examinations" on my man all the time! Hehehe... In all seriousness, when you're giving his "area" some TLC it's good to keep a look out for anything different.

It also works both ways! If your man is giving your lady parts some love, teaching him what kinda/sorta things are good and bad on palpation is good practice. :)

Always... and any extra frisky attention is always a bonus. You should get my button up on your blog lady :) Love Elle xo 


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